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MosaLingua is an application for learning languages quickly with interactive activities on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone, Android tablet, and your computer.

Hundreds of thousands of people from countries all over the world use MosaLingua each day to learn French, English, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Other languages are soon to come as well.

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the MOSA Learning ® method, you can read the testimonials of our users, whose opinions we hold very close to our hearts.

You can also watch this brief video which highlights our applications:


The MosaLingua Blog

MosaLingua is also a blog dedicated to teaching oneself foreign languages. We regularly post articles, resources, techniques, tricks and tips in order to improve our users’ language skills.

We suggest reading our blog in order to begin and start finding helpful articles.


Our managing team

Our small international team is made up of language enthusiasts who work tirelessly in order to better our applications and give you the best help in learning foreign languages.

Co-Founder - Technical and Product Developer

Being an information engineer, I have a passion for new technologies and my field of work as a software developer. I also love traveling and as a result, I've come to love languages, not just Java, C++, or Objective-C, but also English, Spanish, Italian...

Co-Founder - Business Development

I'm an Italian by birth but have recently moved to France. Foreign languages are my main specialization and have definitely become a main passion of my mine! After mastering English, French, Romanian and Spanish, I've recently begun to learn Portuguese.

Technical and Product Development

I left my hometown Gent, Belgium five years ago for a bicycle trip in Portugal. It was supposed to be a vacation but it turned into a three-year stay. As a computer programmer, I never thought I could be good at learning languages. Then, I discovered the flashcard learning method. It really helped me to become fluent in Portuguese and Italian in a way that is both effective and fun.
Communication and Marketing

I'm Spanish, but I currently live in Italy. I've studied Marketing and Public Relations in Barcelona, and I've worked in Communications for international companies and NGOs. I've been living in Scotland in order to better my English. I speak four languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and Italian. Now, I'm starting to learn French by using MosaLingua.
English Language Pedagogy and Content

I study French-English translation in Canada at the University of Ottawa. I also hold a bachelor's degree in French from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.
I'm very interested about languages and different cultures.
German Language Pedagogy and Content

Polish by birth, I've become French at heart over the past four years. I grew up in Bonn, Germany, where I completed my Abitur (the German high school diploma). Thanks to my two native languages, German and Polish, I've developed a keen awareness of how expressions carry slight nuances in meaning, which is very important to communicating in other languages. I also recently started learning Italian.
Italian Language Pedagogy and Content

I've been teaching Italian as a foreign language since 2008. After having spent a period of my life in Spain, I lived in the US for several years. Since then, I've been living in France with my husband. I love to travel, learn about new cultures, and naturally, speak new languages (I've already learned English, Spanish, and French).
Portuguese Language Pedagogy and Content

I'm Brazilian, but I've been living in Canada since 2012. I work as an editorial manager and have extensive experience developing educational content. Languages are my passion. I speak Portuguese, English, French, and I'm currently learning Spanish.
Technical and Product Developer

Originally from France, I recently completed my engineering studies at the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon, France. Although I'm very passionate about new technologies, I've also discovered a passion for languages while studying abroad in Brazil and learning Portuguese.


MosaCrea Limited

MosaCrea Limited is the company that develops our applications.