30 Day Language Challenge (Video)

One of the hardest aspects of learning a language is to keep your motivation high throughout the learning process. The best way to do this, is to try the 30 day language challenge! All it takes is 30 days to form a habit and achieve long term success in learning a language. Find out how to make the … [Read more...]

How to pronounce the th /ð/ sound | American English Pronunciation (Video)

This is a very specific video, but that doesn't mean it's not extremely helpful in learning English! The word "the" is one of the most commonly used words in the English language and so pronouncing the "th" sounds will go a long way in becoming fluent!How to pronounce the th /ð/ sound | … [Read more...]

Klingon, Dothraki, Sindarin… The Constructed Language Phenomenon

nuqneH! This is a common greeting... in Klingon*. What do you mean you don't speak Klingon?! Even if you don't speak it, you've most likely heard of Star Trek. It's the language spoken by the Klingon aliens in this fictitious world. Klingon is what we call a "constructed language" (or … [Read more...]

The Top 10 French Slang Words You Have to Know Before Going to France

To Celebrate French Week, we Have a Surprise For You! This week is French Week and so to celebrate not only are we reviving this article, but we've decided to present you with a very special surprise! Between March 18 and 21st, we'll be offering our premium French Apps FOR FREE on the iTunes store! … [Read more...]

Four Remarkable Benefits of Traveling (Video)

If you've been on the fence about taking some time to travel this year, then watch this video on the reasons why we at MosaLingua believe that you should make traveling a priority. Due to the popularity of our recent article on the benefits of traveling, we decided to create a visual aid to go along … [Read more...]

Get Away – By Yourself! Why You Should Consider Solo Travel for Your Next Trip

We all know that traveling in general can have amazing benefits, but have you ever considered taking a trip… alone? If you’ve never gone on a trip by yourself before, the prospect might seem scary. No one (except the strangers in the street) to help you read the map if you get lost… No one to share … [Read more...]

How to Learn German Quickly And Easily – 5 Tips to Speak German in no Time

German is one of the most compelling languages to learn for several reasons, including that Germany is an economic powerhouse and German is an easier language to learn. If you are starting your journey of learning German, then  you may not know where to start. That's why Cedric has put together this … [Read more...]

The Japanese Alphabet and Characters: Romaji and Kanji

Welcome to the second part of this series on Japanese writing systems. Now that we have learned the basics let's take a look at two writing systems. Today we're going to learn about romaji, the Japanese alphabet, and kanji, characters derived from Chinese. The first shouldn't be too difficult, as it … [Read more...]

How to Fit Practicing and Studying a Language into Your Day to Day Life

The key to fluency is to find time every single day to practice and study a language in your daily life. It's better to study for five minutes a day every day then an hour every once in a while. Take a look at our newest video that explains just how to fit studying in your day to day life!The … [Read more...]

MosaLingua on Flipboard

Here at MosaLingua, we're excited to announce a new platform where we get to share our most useful tips and tricks to become fluent in a second language! Flipboard allows us to curate our own online magazines filled with our own useful articles, as well as the ones we find online!Whether … [Read more...]