Five YouTube Channels That are the Best Way to Learn Portuguese

Next on our series of YouTube channels, I will be presenting you our selection of YouTube channels that are the best way to learn Portuguese. I hope that learning Portuguese with YouTube channels will be as interesting, fun and efficient as it was for me. I invite you to also take a look at our … [Read more...]

Mezzofanti Guild Review of Our Apps

We are excited to be cited as the best language learning app by The Mezzofanti Guild! This site is run by Polyglot, Donovan Nagel, whose created a fantastic site for language learning and proven strategies to learn languages. Nagel included us in his language learning resources for French, Italian, … [Read more...]

All set for Euro 2016? So are we!

A few days until the kick off for Euro 2016 in France! Supporters from many European countries will be gathering for the celebration, filling French towns in order to encourage their national teams. For all those who are passionate for foreign languages, this will be a great occasion to practice … [Read more...]

Learn a New Language to Prepare Yourself For a Humanitarian Mission Abroad

Helping others, working while being immersed in another culture for the purpose of learning, personal development, exchanging, discovering, sharing your knowledge...Many are the reasons that motivate young people to seek humanitarian jobs and volunteer with humanitarian missions abroad. And, … [Read more...]

Easter Traditions in different countries and languages

There are many customs and Easter traditions celebrated around the world. Some customs are similar to each other while some differ greatly. However and wherever you celebrate, Easter traditions are all meant in good fun. Keep reading to learn how people coming from different parts of the world … [Read more...]

A Practical Approach to Learn Grammar

When learning a new language, at what point do we start to learn grammar (our arch nemesis)? Here are some tips to help you learn grammar. Unfortunately, there is no method or ideal approach since everything depends on the objectives, time and preferences. I'm not claiming that these tips are the … [Read more...]

Interview of Kyaw, a MosaLingua superuser from Myanmar

A little while ago, we received a message from a user who was eager to know what other languages would be soon available at MosaLingua. After we exchanged a few lines with him, we found out he was from Myanmar and a huge fan of MosaLingua. However, it was when he thanked us for making it possible … [Read more...]

What are the most studied languages in the world?

Here we'll take a trip to find out the most studied languages in the world. And yes, I said "studied". While it's good to know which languages are the most spoken throughout the world, this doesn't truly show us which ones that lure the most people, or how we know which ones are taught worldwide. So … [Read more...]

The Best Brazilian TV Shows to Learn Portuguese

While knowing to write and read in Portuguese is great, it's even more worthwhile knowing what native speakers are saying. It's even more interesting when the locals of whichever region you're visiting can understand you. To be confident with a Brazilian accent, (mainly the Carioca and Sao Paulo … [Read more...]

The Best Brazilian Movies to Learn Portuguese

Watching original Brazilian movies to learn Portuguese is a great learning method you can accomplish while relaxing and having fun. Brazil is an extremely interesting country, and throughout the years, its cinema has created a fair share of little-known gems, some of which are worth seeking out. So … [Read more...]