The 7 benefits of a mobile platform learning

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After 7 good reasons to learn a foreign language, I’ll tell you about the benefits of a mobile platform learning (smartphones like iPhone, Android, etc).

New generations of mobile phones are now sufficiently advanced for complex applications and multimedia.
For example, the iPhone has a memory comfortable, a powerful processor that allows to run intensive applications like 3D games (you do not see commercials on TV?).

But then, what are the benefits of mobile learning from a more traditional (evening classes, book …)?

Learn anywhere

Personally, I love to revise my vocabulary quietly in my bed before sleep. When I travel, I also listen to some Spanish podcast, travel passes so quickly. Well, obviously it is also possible with a book is true, but it’s so inspiring on an iPhone!

Do not waste time

The advantage of a mobile is that it always has on you. Often, the impression of wasting his time may be annoying or even stressful. We say thin, I could do lots of things instead of waiting foolishly. Since I got my iPod touch, I am very Zen compared to delays or unexpected. The other day, for example, I had an appointment with someone, but he made me wait an hour. That does not bother me at all, I took the opportunity to review and play a little, and I was almost disappointed when he arrived and he interrupted me in my session.

Proceed at your own pace, without constraints

Have you ever taken courses at night? I do, my box of course we paid at Wall Street Institute, but there was a lot of constraints. We had to go at least 2 times a week, there were appointments to controls (encounters) etc.. I found it very compelling, because even if shot wad at work, and although we had no choice, he still had to go. So in the end it became a chore to go.
When in self-study, we follow its own rhythm, it was sometimes slow periods, where you can make good progress on its way, and then some periods where there are higher priority tasks. Well, a computerized method can adapt to these contingencies, without making you feel guilty.

Adapts to its level

A good method of computerized learning can continually adapt to the level and growth, and spending more time on concepts that are difficult for the student.

Multimedia & Interactivity

A method that contains images, sound and video can be much more effective and motivating! In addition, one can obtain corrections or feedback (feedback) immediately. No need to wait for a correction.




Yes, it is possible to learn while having fun, it’s called the serious game, and it may well be fun. Mobile, one can imagine a crossword puzzle or game speed to revise its vocabulary, or even role playing to get into situations and dialogue.


Already the fact that it is fun to help keep motivation, then one can imagine the content that is updated regularly, virtual coaching, and statistical progressions.

If you know of other benefits, please mention it in the comments, I’m not subscribed to number 7!

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