7 Original Methods to Learn a Language (Video)

To have any hope at all of learning a language, you need to keep your motivation level high! And mixing up your learning activities is the key to staying motivated. You can alternate between movies and podcasts, online courses, vocabulary exercises, and more.


7 Original Methods to Learn a Language (Video)

7 Original Methods to Learn a Language (Transcript)

1. Have casual conversations in a foreign language.

It’s one of the easiest ways to practice for real-life situations you’ll encounter. The internet offers countless ways to speak with natives (language exchanges or online chatting). You also can have more casual chats within real-life contexts! For example: if you’re learning useful expressions for booking a hotel in Spanish… try calling a resort in Mexico! Just for fun (and practice)! Just be sure you don’t accidentally book a real trip! 😉 

2. Create a personalized reading list of news articles and blogs

A great method for enriching your vocabulary while enjoying what you read. There are many online services and apps you can use to subscribe to a list of blogs and newspapers. There are a few examples in the description below!

3. Listen to mp3s and podcasts while you exercise

For example, while jogging, listen to podcasts or radio stations in the language you’re learning. It’s a great way to stay active and practice language at the same time!

4. Play video games in a foreign language.

Most video games come out in English, but a lot of them are translated into other languages. Check out the link below to find a list of some of the best games, and how to use them to learn.

5. Sing songs in a foreign language

If you are a huge music and language lover, improve your language skills through song! It’s a very entertaining and rewarding method. Below are two articles on how and why to learn a language using music.

6. Cook using video recipes in your chosen language.

If you like cooking and are always looking for recipes from other countries, it is a great idea to find cooking websites in the language you’re learning. Like method #3, this is a great way to multitask! You will end up with better listening skills, as wider vocabulary, and a tasty meal! Surround yourself with a foreign language resources. There are many resources for totally immersing yourself without even leaving home. For example, change your phone your browser’s display language, change your TV menu’s language or subscribe to an online or  print newspaper in the language you’re learning.

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