We are very proud to announce the imminent release of MosaLingua’s new application to learn Russian! Our team has worked hard to make it easier for you to learn this language and to offer you a simple and effective tool to learn this beautiful language during your holidays in Russia or to communicate with a native.

You will find everything you already like in our MosaLingua applications, as well as many other tips to help you learn this language. I present a little more today …

Application to learn Russian

What will you find in MosaLingua’s New App to Learn Russian?

Our new MosaLingua app to learn Russian is like having a special teacher … in your pocket. The learning method used here is based on MosaLingua’s Spaced Repetition System,which has already proved its worth on numerous occasions. It allows you to learn Russian effectively, and sustainably, focusing on what you’ll find to be the most useful!

Application to learn RussianAll our lessons have been designed by our teaching staff to help you learn the language. You will find:

  • Lessons to learn the Cyrillic alphabet in less than 3 hours
  • Words and phrases to communicate quickly
  • The audio transcription (by native speakers) of all these words and phrases to help you pronounce them as best as possible
  • Some notions of grammar (the essential to know)

Finally, for the construction of this new application to learn Russian, we have focused on the essentials so that you too can go straight … to the basics! You will be able to concentrate on the most accessible (or even easiest) aspects of the Russian language. You can learn and revise whenever you want (no need for internet connection); 2 minutes or more than 30 minutes per day. It’s up to you!

Who is this Russian app for?

Our app is aimed at all those who wish to start learning the language. It mainly targets two types of users:

  • For those beginners who start from scratch; It will help you to quickly be able to communicate on a trip to Russia or during your next encounters with Russians;
  • The intermediaries who know (a little) of the language, and want to perfect themselves; Our app will help you enrich your vocabulary and learn the most useful phrases to improve your oral skills.


What Does the Mosalingua Application to Learn Russian Contain?

This new app to learn Russian is rich in content, tipsmosalingua-app-to-learn-russian-available-on-ios-android-and-computer-mosalingua and other learning tips. You will find:

  • + 2,000 cards with vocabulary words as well as phrases delivered by native speakers (written version + audio, and translation into Latin characters).
  • 14 major categories and over 100 subcategories that will allow you to learn directly what you want. For example; the bases of the language, the tourism, social,  celebration, …
  • + 100 hours of bonuses to be earned as you progress! This will motivate you more to go beyond your abilities.
  • Moreover, the app is also split up into 9 levels are more exactly available, from beginner to intermediate advanced level.
  • An online Russian dictionary

Of course, you will also find many learning tips to help you move forward quickly. In short, we have done everything to stay by your side!


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To thank you for waiting and for your loyalty, we have created a special offer: get MosaLingua’s mobile app to learn Russian -60% off. Please note: the offer is only valid for a few days. Enjoy!

How to download the app and take advantage of your special offer? There is nothing simpler. Click:

Download the Application to Learn Russian for iOS

Download the Application to Learn Russian for Android

To conclude, I wanted to emphasize that this new app was the result of  good teamwork! But I wanted to thank Alisa P., Cedric Z., Irina V., Yulyia P., Artem N., Tom G., Julien R. and all our beta testers for their help and efficiency on this new app. Thank you all.

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback: new versions of this app to learn Russian will be available free of charge with your feedback .