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How to Teach Your Children a Foreign Language

Have you ever though that you could teach your children a foreign language? I know that many users of the MosaLingua app use it to teach their children a foreign language, but instead of letting their kids use the app by themselves, the parents "test" their children themselves with the vocabulary … [Read more...]

How to Improve Pronunciation in a Language

This article can be applied to any language. When learning a foreign language, one of the biggest difficulties we encounter is when trying to reproduce its exact sounds. So, if you want to know how to improve pronunciation,  the answer is you have to do it the correct way and put into practice these … [Read more...]

Globish Part II: Speak Globish and Make Yourself Understood Abroad

This article is the second part to our summary of “Don’t speak English, Parlez Globish®” by Jean-Paul Nerrière. If you haven't read the first part, I suggest you start there: Globish (Global English), or Why Non-Native Speakers Have the Upper Hand in Internationalism.Globish isn't a restrictive … [Read more...]

Globish (Global English), or Why Non-Native Speakers Have the Upper Hand in Internationalism

I've just finished reading a French book that I found very interesting, Don't Speak English, Speak Globish by Jean-Paul Nerrière: Don’t speak english, Parlez globish » by Jean-Paul Nerrière through EYROLLES publishing*   The author, a Central Paris University graduate who went on to become a navy … [Read more...]

The Best Free Resources to Practice French

If you're currently learning French and are looking for resources to improve your writing, vocabulary and comprehension, or if you are simply looking to entertain yourself, this article itself will be a great resource for you. Below, you'll find our list of the best free resources to learn and … [Read more...]

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Learn Another Language

Today, I would like to share an article written in collaboration with Ms. Laura Bruna, a friend of the MosaLingua team, about why you shouldn't be afraid to learn another language. She's a student from Spain who is soon to have a degree in French Translation and Interpretation from the Complutense … [Read more...]

How to Learn Vocabulary Quickly and Effectively

Would you be up to learning how to learn vocabulary with strategies that experts use to double, even triple, their brain's capacity to memorize info?You may have already seen people who can memorize huge amounts of information, or you've heard of polyglots who easily speak 10 languages or more. … [Read more...]

The Best Books to Read to Learn English Vocabulary, Grammar and More

This post's title mentions English, but these helpful pointers work for reading for all language learners. First and foremost, I suggest you work on learning the basics of prononciation and oral comprehension. Developing a solid foundation before reading too much can help you avoid forming bad … [Read more...]

Learn Languages with Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Amazon's new tablet, the Kindle Fire, has shown to be a good tool for learning languages. The biggest advantage to this reader is that it allows you to access numerous resources by working with various applications connected to the Internet.While reading a book in English and listening to the … [Read more...]

Why Travel? The Benefits of Traveling the World and How Anyone Can Do It

Why travel? Have you ever asked yourself this question? For me, traveling is of such importance that I see it as instinctual and necessary. Here are some of the advantages of traveling:Learn LanguagesI won't spend too much time on this, since if you follow our blog, you must already be … [Read more...]