60 new videos and 43 new articles: we published more in 2018 than ever before, both on our blog and on our YouTube channel. We create lots of free content throughout the year to help you stay pumped up about your language goals. To highlight some of our best work, and to make sure you didn’t miss anything, here is our “Best Of 2018,” a list of the most popular articles and videos we published last year!

best of 2018: our favorite articles and videos from last year

Best Videos from 2018

All of the videos below are in English, but if you are learning English (or another language), feel free to turn on the subtitles. It was hard to pick just a few videos for this list, but here are some of the best and most interesting language learning tips and advice that Cédric, Abbe and I shared with you over the past year. Take note!


My Language “Miracle Morning“: The Best Morning Routine for Foreign Language Learners


Improve Your Comprehension on the Go with Podcasts and Audiobooks


How to Overcome the Fear of Speaking


How Long Does it Take to Learn a Language?


Raising a Bilingual Child: Luca’s Personal Experience and Tips


Become a Fearless Learner: The 5 Things You Need to STOP Telling Yourself


How to Use Your Bullet Journal to Learn a Language (+ FREE template)


BONUS: Videos About Specific Languages

In addition to our videos about general language learning topics, we also create videos that reveal tips about how to learn specific languages (Spanish, Italian, etc.). Last year, one of your fellow readers suggested that we make more language-specific videos, so we did! 😉 Here are a few subscriber favorites:

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Best Blog Posts of 2018

Our Best of 2018 list wouldn’t be complete without some of the blog posts and articles that made the most buzz this past year:

5 Tech Hacks to Learn Languages Like a Pro

How Long Does it Take to Learn a Language?

A longer and more complete article in case Luca’s video (above) piqued your interest on this topic!

The Most Famous and Inspiring Polyglots in the World!

How Memory Palaces Work – Guest Blog

The International Phonetic Alphabet and How to Use it to Improve Your Pronunciation

How to Raise a Bilingual Child: 4 Expert Strategies + Personal Experience Raising My Son to Be Trilingual

Luca dives into aspects of raising a bilingual child that he didn’t have time for in the video above. A great resource if you want to know more about this topic!

The Compound Effect, As it Applies to Languages


If you liked these articles and want to get to know the MosaLingua blog better, I recommend: Where to Start?


That wraps up our Best of 2018 list. Keep following our blog and social media pages because 2019 is going to be another great year for free language learning content! We plan to keep giving you tons of resources, tips, and motivation boosters to make sure you reach your language goals.

Happy New Year and happy learning!