German learners, listen up: if you don’t use German podcasts as part of your language-learning game plan, it’s time to start. Luckily, learning a new language has never been more accessible than it is now—there are tons of websites, apps, courses, and more at the tip of your fingers to help you. Out of all those resources, podcasts are the perfect way to squeeze in some German listening practice when you don’t have a lot of time. Read on to find out the best German podcasts for every level of learner!

Originally published 11/23/2014, updated 05/30/2023 

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Top 12 German Podcasts for Learners

Listening to podcasts is a fun and effective way to learn German. It exposes you to the spoken language, which will help you get more comfortable listening to and speaking German. Podcasts are also engaging and interesting—if you find one you really like, you won’t even realize you’re learning! Try one of the podcasts for German learners listed below to boost your German skills.

German Podcasts for Beginners

If you’re just starting to learn the language, you might think it’s too early for you to throw on a German podcast… but you’d be wrong! These easy German podcasts are aimed deliberately at early learners. Most of them are structured like language lessons, and some are even partly in English. (And don’t worry…even if you only understand half of what’s being said, you’re still learning. Promise!)

the-best-german-podcasts-for-learning-german-mosalinguaLearn German by Podcasts

This podcast series is perfect for beginner learners who want to practice listening to conversations in German. Realistic conversational scenarios are used to teach German grammar and vocabulary, and the conversations are simple and clear enough for beginners to understand. It only has 20 episodes, but don’t count it out—it’s still a great resource for learners who need practice listening to slow-paced German conversation.

Website | Apple Podcasts

the-best-german-podcasts-for-learning-german-mosalinguaCoffeeBreak German

The format is what makes this podcast special—Mark, a learner of German, is guided through lessons by a native German-speaking teacher. You’ll hear Mark make mistakes and get corrected just like a true beginner. It’s encouraging (also important) to listen to, because as a language learner, you’ll make mistakes, too. It’s how you learn! Coffee Break German has a huge library of episodes to bolster your German learning journey.

Another nice thing about CoffeeBreak German is that there are 3 seasons, so you can stick with it all the way from your very first few days of learning all the way through the B2 level.

Website | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

the-best-german-podcasts-for-learning-german-mosalinguaWarum Nicht?

Warum Nicht? follows the fictional character Andreas, a journalism student who works as a hotel doorman. Although the podcast is in both English and German, you’re probably best off pressing play on this one if you already have some understanding of basic German grammar and sentence structure. Reviewers love the funny and engaging storylines, and you’ll want to keep listening to follow along with Andreas’s adventures.

There are 4 seasons, designed to become more advanced as you go, which makes this fun podcast suitable for A1-B1 learners.

It’s produced by Deutsche Welle, a German news website. If you enjoyed Warum Nicht?, check out the other podcasts they produce for learners. There’s truly something for everyone!

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the-best-german-podcasts-for-learning-german-mosalinguaSlow German

Slow German with Annik Rubens is one of the top German podcasts for late beginner to intermediate learners. In each episode, host Rubens speaks in slow, clear German about topics relevant to German life and culture, expanding on grammar and vocabulary when it’s relevant. Each episode is only about five minutes long, so there’s no excuse not to squeeze some German practice into your day! Start with the earlier episodes titled “Absolute Beginners” and work your way through more than 250 episodes.

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Improve your German listening skills

the-best-german-podcasts-for-learning-german-mosalinguaDo you want to improve your listening comprehension in German?
Good news, we have a course for that! MosaSeries German: Der Mann Ohne Namen. Start your 15-day free trial today and try it risk-free!

MosaSeries is an original and captivating German story divided into short episodes, designed to help you improve your listening skills, broaden your vocabulary, and learn the most important aspects of German grammar.

Try MosaSeries today

German Podcasts for Intermediate Learners

Intermediate learners who feel confident in their basic German listening skills can move on to longer podcasts about more varied topics.

the-best-german-podcasts-for-learning-german-mosalinguaDeutsch Podcast

Virpi and Sandra, two certified teachers with years of experience teaching German as a second language, host this super helpful podcast. They use current events as a backdrop to teach important German grammar and vocabulary. The hosts understand exactly what learners of German need, and their slower speaking pace and thorough explanations of German grammar points make this podcast perfectly suited to A2-B2 level learners.

Reviewers agree that Deutsch Podcast offers “challenging and practical” content that makes it well worth a listen.

Website | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

News in Slow German podcast logoNews in Slow German

News in Slow German is great for late beginner and early intermediate German learners (there is a separate podcast for beginner and intermediate learners—be sure to pick the one that is right for your level). The hosts of this show, who are both native German speakers, discuss important news and cultural topics from Germany and around the world in short, easy-to-digest episodes. News in Slow German is one of the best German news podcasts for intermediate learners who already have a basic understanding of the language.

The episodes clock in at under ten minutes each, and there are almost 350 of them. With this podcast, you’ll improve your German and brush up on current events, too! The intermediate podcast is available for free on major streaming platforms, but unfortunately, you’ll need a subscription to access the beginner content.

Website | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Easy German Podcast logoEasy German

Ready to dive into real German conversation? In this podcast, the hosts hit the streets of different German cities and interview everyday people on a wide range of topics, from money to culture to what’s going on in Germany right now. The result is a collection of totally natural German chitchat about any and everything. The mix of topics, dialects, and levels of speech will sharpen your ear for German while keeping you entertained.

Easy German is also one of the best German podcasts with transcripts available! Consider becoming a paying member to access lots of valuable resources, like interactive transcripts, exercises, and vocabulary lists.

Website | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Authentic German Learning Podcast logoThe Authentic German Learning Podcast

Maybe you want a little personal development content alongside your German learning… if so, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what’s in store in this intermediate-level podcast! Host Marco Rösler combines modern language-learning techniques with an energetic approach that makes language practice fun. Rösler’s motto is “Improve your German. Improve your life,” and reviewers’ enthusiasm for The Authentic German Learning Podcast seems to suggest they’re doing both.

🎶 Bonus: If you like music, start your day off with the AGL Radio podcast and discover some awesome German songs.

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Good German Podcasts for Advanced Learners

Most of the podcasts we’ve talked about so far are geared specifically toward German learners, but these advanced podcasts are aimed at native German speakers. That makes them an amazing resource for expanding your specialized vocabulary and sharpening your listening skills.

the-best-german-podcasts-for-learning-german-mosalinguaFest und Flauschig

Fest und Flauschig is one of the most popular German podcasts on Spotify. But it’s not just Spotify’s most popular German-language podcast—it’s one of their most popular podcasts, period! Hundreds of thousands of listeners enjoy this continuation of an incredibly popular German radio show. The two hosts, a musician and a comedian, banter about everything and nothing. Their funny takes and chemistry make the hour-long episodes fly by.



In this long-form podcast, host Nicolas Semak interviews colorful characters, from planetary researchers to ex-terrorists, about the choices that have shaped their lives. Advanced German learners will be captivated by the heart and humanity in these stories. Sometimes dark, sometimes inspiring, and always engaging, check this podcast out if you’re drawn to human interest pieces.

Website | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

the-best-german-podcasts-for-learning-german-mosalinguaGeschichten aus der Geschichte

In this podcast, two knowledgeable historians share unique and often overlooked stories from the past. Each takes turns surprising the other with their historical tale, resulting in genuine reactions of excitement and interest. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or not, this well-researched podcast will definitely captivate you with its tales from the forgotten annals of the past.

Website | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Methodisch Inkorrekt advanced German science podcastMethodisch inkorrekt!

Much like Geschichten aus der Geschichte, this podcast also features two experts talking about their field of expertise in an accessible and entertaining way. This time, instead of history, it’s science! Methodisch inkorrekt! is kind of like German Bill Nye the Science Guy, but for adults. Two scientist friends explain a scientific concept using approachable language, and they even do a real science experiment during the episode. Most of the 200+ episodes are at least two hours long, so you won’t run out of content anytime soon.

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How to Get the Most Out of German Podcasts

Podcasts are an amazing addition to your German language-learning toolbox. They’re convenient and entertaining, and provide invaluable listening and comprehension practice. To learn more about how podcasts and audiobooks can help you learn a language, check out our article about that topic.

A crucial part of learning a language is exposing yourself to it as much as possible. You can throw on a podcast during your commute, while you’re taking a walk, or as you’re folding laundry.

And as you become a more skilled listener, a whole world of compelling German podcasts will open up to you!

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