Why are Spanish movies on Netflix so useful for learning the language? And how does learning Spanish through watching movies even work? Well in a moment, I’ll try and answer these questions in general terms. But first, add our top 10 best movies on Netflix in Spanish to your queue and plan a movie night with other friends who are learning Spanish!

top 10 Spanish movies on Netflix

The Best Spanish Movies on Netflix (for Language Learners and General Viewers Alike)

  1. God’s Crooked Lines (Los renglones torcidos de dios)

2022 | Drama / Mystery | 154 minutes

A private detective feigns a case of paranoia in order to investigate the death of a patient in a psychiatric hospital. While she’s working on the case from inside, events within the facility cause her to start questioning her own perception of reality.

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  1. Society of the Snow (La sociedad de la nieve)

2023 | Survival Thriller | 145 minutes

This internationally acclaimed 2024 Oscar-nominated film (Best International, Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling) is worth a watch. It tells the harrowing true story of the 1972 Uruguayan plane crash that left dozens of survivors stranded on a glacier in the Andes Mountains. The movie is based closely on their survival efforts and attempts to find help over more than two months in inhospitable conditions.

The cast is Uruguayan and Argentinian.

  1. Love at First Kiss (Eres tú)

2023 | Romantic Comedy | 96 minutes

This is a quirky story about complicated relationships. Javier has the gift of romantic clairvoyance – with a kiss, he can see the future of a relationship. It’s made dating difficult. But then he finds the woman that he knows is destined to be the love of his life. There’s just one problem: she’s already his best friend’s girlfriend.

This Netflix original movie debuted in March 2023.

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  1. Even the Rain (También la lluvia)

2010 | Social Drama | 102 minutes

Two Mexican filmmakers travel to Bolivia to shoot a movie about Christopher Columbus. The relationship between the production staff and the local actors becomes increasingly tense as the filming schedule conflicts with protests against the privatization of the water supply to indigenous populations. The historical backdrop is real – in 2000, extensive protests in the city of Cochabamba forced the Bolivian government to reverse its efforts to privatize the community’s water supply.

  1. The Photographer of Mauthausen (Il fotógrafo de Mauthausen)

2018 | War Drama | 110 minutes

This Spanish-made historical drama recounts the life of Francisco Boix, a young Spanish Civil War veteran and photographer who was imprisoned by the Nazis at the Mauthausen concentration camp. He and his comrades risked their lives to steal, preserve, and hide photographs of the atrocities happening in the camp. This photo documentation would ultimately serve as important proof in many Nazi trials after the war.

  1. The Great Seduction (La gran seducción)

2023 | Comedy | 95 minutes

This new film is a Spanish-language remake of the award-winning Canadian film Seducing Doctor Lewis. A fishing village on a small island has suffered the effects of industrialization. A large processing company wants to establish itself in the town, but on the condition that there be a doctor living on the island. Thus begins the inhabitants’ quest to seduce the young city doctor Mateo to move to their humble island.

  1. El Conde (El conde)

2023 | Horror / Comedy | 110 minutes

If you enjoy gore and horror mixed with humor and a touch of social commentary, then El conde might be right up your alley! This new 2023 release is great Spanish science fiction horror movie.

The story takes place in an alternate universe inspired by recent events in Chile. Augusto Pinochet, the infamous dictator, is re-imagined as an elderly vampire who has lived for centuries off his appetite for evil. Unhappy with the way the world views his legacy, he has decided to renounce his immortality. His opportunistic family hires an accountant to get his affairs in order, but things don’t go quite as planned.

  1. Coven of Sisters (Akelarre)

2021 | Horror | 92 minutes

If you’re into witchcraft or historical dramas, this new Spanish film is for you. (There is also a bit of Basque spoken in it, as well!) This dark story line takes place in the 17th century during the Spanish Inquisition, and tells the story of a group of young women trying to trick their inquisitor to escape execution.

  1. 100 Meters (100 Metros)

2016 | Inspiring Drama | 108 minutes

This is perhaps the most heartwarming of our best Spanish movies on Netflix. This true story will introduce viewers to some interesting Spanish vocabulary.

Ramon comes to terms with his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and the realization that he will not be able to walk 100 meters in just a few months’ time. However, he doesn’t allow this news to be a prophetic truth. He decides to complete an Ironman race and defy the odds. Ramon soon becomes an accomplished athlete with MS.

This is a great Netflix film that shows one man’s grit and determination. Probably the most accessible of our Top Ten Best Spanish Movies on Netflix, this movie also has Spanish audio description, which I explain how to use in the next section of the article.

  1. Toro

2016 | Crime Drama | 106 minutes

Here we have a wonderfully vicious and brilliant Spanish movie on Netflix. The plot moves so quickly that it will thrill even the most hard-to-please viewer. Toro, who was trying to leave his criminal past behind him, is forced back into his old way of life in order to rescue his brother and niece from a brutal gang leader known as Romano.

This genre is quickly becoming a classic for Spanish language films, if it isn’t already. For its genre, it has to be one of the best on Netflix. While certain aspects aren’t very believable, the hard-hitting violent content and phenomenally fast pace more than make up for it.

A fantastical thriller, this film is full of action and shows a relationship between brothers that defies logic but provides great entertainment.

Note: Regional restrictions on Spanish movies

It is also worth noting that Netflix is regional. Some movies are not available in every country. I have made this list with the USA in mind but, whilst we do not condone it, there are always options like using a VPN (or going on vacation!), to get around regional content issues. This may be a good option if you’re looking for Spanish movies on Netflix from Canada or elsewhere in the world.

Netflix is also constantly adding and removing content. So, if you see something on this list that isn’t available in your region, check back another time.


Features on Netflix for Language Learners

In one of his videos, Luca spoke about how he improved his English by watching hours of episodes of Friends. It’s the same idea for watching movies on Netflix in Spanish. The great thing about learning a language by watching movies and TV is that you can be immersed in the language while familiarizing yourself with Hispanic and Latino culture and customs.

And Netflix has some fantastic features that will assist you with your learning. I am going to reveal what these great features are, as well as my Top Ten Spanish Movies on Netflix. Language learning should always be fun, as enjoyment plays a big role in keeping you motivated. So, watch the best Spanish movies and make learning entertaining!

How to use subtitles

There are different options available to language learners on Netflix depending on your level. You can watch Spanish movies with English subtitles first, and then watch them with Spanish subtitles. When you’re more confident, you can watch movies without subtitles altogether. Find out more about how to use subtitles to optimize your learning here.

Why audio description is your best friend for improving listening skills

My personal favorite feature for learning Spanish is the audio description feature, which exists for some but not all Spanish shows on Netflix. The reason I like this is that you can see the picture and know that the audio is describing exactly what you see. Therefore, the context will help your understanding and the Spanish audio description will assist your listening skills. This feature allows you to hear what you see, which improves comprehension and also boosts your vocabulary. It is an intense but fruitful way to immerse yourself in a language.


Concluding Thoughts and Some Important Tips

Watching a film in Spanish should be enjoyable but it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. When we watch, we can easily develop some really bad habits that may hinder our progress. That’s why I strongly suggest you employ this advice on how to watch a film or series really effectively and avoid bad habits. It’s a short article so it won’t take you long and will save you time in the long run.

I tried to get a range of genres in my Top Ten Best Spanish Movies on Netflix list. If you’re hungry for more great quality Spanish content, a solution is on the way. Soon we’ll be releasing what we think is the greatest Spanish course to help you watch TV and movies. We are confident that this course will optimize your language learning progress and ensure that you have great fun. Keep an eye out for it, and in the meantime, check back in with the blog often for other great resources.

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself while you watch these Spanish movies on Netflix. When you watch movies in English for pleasure, you might tend to be picky about what you watch. The same can be true when watching Spanish movies on Netflix. Don’t simply watch stuff because it’s in Spanish – try and find a topic or genre that you know you love.


More Resources for Spanish Movie Buffs

Below is a list of useful resources if you want to use movies and series to improve your skills:

Until next time, happy viewing!