In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best TV shows to learn German and help you discover a little more about their culture.


The Best TV Shows to Learn German



This series is the German equivalent to The Office. Everyone in Germany loves the series, and it’s and already into its 5th season.

Stromberg is a manager of an insurance company called “Capitol Versicherung AG”. The plot revolves around life in the office, and that’s the basis of the series. Stromberg is also central to the series’ plot, as he’s the ridiculous and immature boss, just like in the American and British versions of the series.

The level of German is advanced at times, and beginners might find some phrases difficult to grapple with. However, the fact that the situations can be repetitive and that there is no enormous change between seasons makes it easy for you to keep up with the context.

Sendung mit der Maus


Sendung mit der Maus is a famous German children’s cartoon which has existed since 1971. The series uses cartoons to educate children on various subjects. If you think you’ve lost your inner child and feel that cartoons aren’t your thing anymore, let me assure you that everyone loves this series in Germany – yes, adults too!



Another series from the 80s, Löwenzahn, features a charismatic main character who explains the world around us in 30-minute episodes, some more complex than others. The show has reached cult status in Germany and isn’t too hard to understand for beginners.


This German TV show is the equivalent to“Plus belle la vie,” a French series we covered in another article. The show follows the lives and problems of the main characters, who all live on Lindenstraße. The language, as well as the plot, are easy to follow. You can also watch episodes with German subtitles for free online!

Türkish für Anfangers


Literally “Turkish for Beginners,” Türkish für Anfangers is a drama-comedy about the life of Lena, a woman who lives in a Turkish-German family. The series covers the difference between the two cultures, and how they get on together, throughout 3 seasons and 52 episodes. This is a great series to learn cosmopolitan, modern German.


Bonus: Der Mann ohne Namen

Technically it’s not a TV series, but it is a series! MosaSeries: Der Mann ohne Namen is a gripping audio series designed specifically with language learners in mind. Follow the saga of a man who wakes up in a hospital with amnesia… and learn German vocab, grammar, pronunciation, and conjugation while you’re at it!

mosaseries german


What about you? Do you know any other series you think would fit here? If so, tell us about them in the comments! And if you’re having trouble following along with these shows because you don’t know enough grammar, take a look at our German grammar guide.