We just launched a new course that you’re going to love! MosaSpeak French is a MasterClass to help you improve every aspect of your spoken French. With our newest course, you can improve your pronunciation, gain fluency, and build the confidence you need to speak the beautiful French language. Read on to learn more!

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MosaSpeak: Speak French with Confidence

Our MasterClasses for people who are leaning English and Spanish were so successful that we decided to offer the same great opportunity to French learners! Learning French, but don’t feel confident enough to chat with native speakers? Not comfortable actually speaking the language because you know that you have trouble with certain sounds? Want to work on your speaking skills, pronunciation, and confidence, but don’t know where to start?

Look no further than our newest course – Speak French with Confidence! It’s a step-by-step course to help independent language learners work on every aspect of their spoken French. By the end, you’ll be more comfortable with the language, better understand French and Francophone culture, make the most of your trips to France and other French-speaking parts of the world, and actually enjoy speaking.

In this course, you’ll only focus on what’s really important for improving your spoken French, including how to avoid main mistakes typically made by English-speaking learners. If you’re familiar with MosaLingua, you’ll know that we encourage learning the 20% of information that will get you 80% of the way to your goal.

improve your spoken french with our speak french with confidence masterclass

Learn more about the MasterClass!


Is it right for me?

The MosaSpeak French MasterClass will probably be a great fit if you:

    • are at a beginner or intermediate level (A2 to B2)
    • don’t feel comfortable or ready to speak
    • want to focus on improving your spoken French
    • need help gaining confidence and speaking more fluidly
    • and if your main goal is to be able to speak French

If you are already at a high-intermediate or advanced level, if you already speak French with confidence, or if your main goal is not to be able to speak French (but to be able to read or write it, instead, for example), this course probably isn’t right for you.


How will it help me improve my spoken French?

No one can improve their spoken French overnight (unfortunately!). That’s why our course is broken down into 8 modules, each with a specific focus. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the different aspects of listening comprehension, pronunciation, and speaking.

Each module is full of exercises, coaching videos, vocabulary and pronunciation flashcards, techniques to try, and plenty of tips and encouragement from our teachers. You’ll also have access to a whole library of multimedia resources you can use to practice. At the end of every unit, there’s a detailed action plan to make sure you keep working on everything you’ve learned.

For more information, including what to expect from each module, rendez-vous over at the Speak French with Confidence page. See you there!

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