Hi, I’m Luca from MosaLingua! Today I want to share a very effective learning technique for making sure that you don’t give up on your language learning goals,  and that you make good progress in the long term. This method is called “The Chain Technique”. This technique is very simple but efficient, you’ll see.

The Chain Technique

The Chain Technique | Language Learning Methods (Video)

The Chain Technique | Language Learning Methods (Video)

For example: you decide you want to learn 10 new words everyday.  If you actually hit your goal for 3 months straight, you’re going to make incredible progress! But this type of commitment is a hard to stick to! Believe me, it’s easy to forget once or twice, then forget for a 3 weeks at the time, and then  give up altogether.

In MosaLingua apps we’ll give you the motivation to practice each and every day. But to give you even a better chance of success, I recommend using a calendar as well. Mark an “x” on your calendar each day you use your app.  As the days go by, you’ll notice that a chain of “x’s” starts to show on your calendar and each day you hit your goal, you’ll beat the previous day’s record for consecutive goals met.

Try not to break this chain by practicing every day and  watch it get longer and longer. It sounds simple, and it is! But it’s also a very effective strategy. You should hang up your calendar somewhere where you see it every day  and be reminded to practice your language. And if your family and friends  see it, and know about your goals, even better! This is called “public commitment”.

There you have it: The Chain Technique; I really encourage you to try it out. Why not start today? Even an old calendar you have lying around can work for this. So keep up, and don’t forget to practice every day with your MosaLingua app. You have a lot of bonuses and freebies waiting for you! See you soon!