In the 1960s, there were roughly 7,000 multinational corporations in the world. By 2006, there were nearly 80,000. There’s no denying the benefits that can result from globalization. As often is the case, being pushed slightly out of one’s comfort zone often contributes to growth! To grow your business and boost your revenue abroad, a logical and paramount first step is to get great corporate language training.

corporate language training

We know what you’re thinking. Yes, English is widely known as the international language of business. However, foreign language training is still an invaluable asset – even for English speakers – that should be seriously considered when planning for international expansion. Find out why, and how MosaLingua can help!

Can Going International Really Increase Profitability?

Slow growth, a saturated home market, limited opportunity for expansion, the pressures of globalization… For one reason or another, many companies today are choosing to take their business across international borders. What are the main motivators, and what can these companies gain from developing their business abroad?

  • Find a larger and much more diverse market;
  • Reach a new client base: the international market might offer a clientele with different needs or a higher budget for your product than your local market;
  • In addition to finding clients, forge international partnerships: team up with other companies who can offer savoir-faire, services, or products that complement what you provide;
  • Expand: if your business is having success in the local market, it might be time to revise your goals and come up with a new international business plan to continue growing;
  • Grow and develop internally, too: by observing and exploring what works for other companies around the world, you could gain helpful insight that will increase your company’s performance and competitiveness in the local market;
  • Help make your country more competitive in the global market!


Corporate Language Training: The First Step Toward Success!

Of course, expanding into the international market isn’t always easy. And your plans probably won’t all fall perfectly into place as soon as you’ve decided to launch.

One of the most important steps after deciding to go international is providing proper foreign language training for your employees. Any employee charged with creating international partnerships or finding new clients abroad should have a minimum of foreign language training before they take off.


  • Most importantly, simply to be able to communicate effectively with future vendors, suppliers, and/or clients;
  • To make partners feel valued: showing them that your company is willing to put in the effort required to speak their language will create a positive and trusting atmosphere right off the bat;
  • To stand out from your competition: when up against a rival company that only speaks English, your company is much more likely to close the deal;
  • Last but not least, to be able to launch marketing and advertising campaigns that are accessible to your new target audiences.

As important as it is to speak the language, it is even more important to be familiar with the culture of the country in which you’ll be doing business. Not all countries have the same views on international business interactions, or “talk money” in the same way. You should never go into an international transaction blind, hoping for the best. Not sure where to start? Look no further.


Need Help? Let MosaLingua Train Your Employees!

corporate language training

MosaLingua is first and foremost an application for individuals who want to learn new languages or improve their fluency. Today, over 2 million users rely on us for their language learning needs.

At MosaLingua, we recognize the importance of foreign languages in the corporate world. This is why we now develop unique and customizable mobile apps specifically for businesses. Interested? Find out how they work:

  • Specially designed mobile apps to help your employees learn a new language based on needs we identify together;
  • Useful content and vocabulary that is specific to your sector, or even to your company;
  • Your company’s visual identity (colors, logo) is incorporated right into the platform for a personalized experience;
  • Corporate language training that supports each of your employees individually;
  • Everyone learns at their own pace, 100% independently!

Are you ready to launch into the international market? Contact us for more information about our personalized corporate language training MosaLingua Business Solutions, or download our Business English or Business Spanish apps.