test-your-english-for-free-mosalinguaWhat is your English level? Take the MosaLingua free English level test online to find out! Our team of teachers developed it based on MosaLingua’s 11 years of experience in the language-learning field.


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Things to know before you take the test

  • This is a thorough online language proficiency test that will evaluate your skills in different areas.
  • It contains three parts:
    1. listening comprehension,
    2. reading comprehension,
    3. vocabulary/grammar
  • This English evaluation takes about 20-25 minutes. There is no time limit.
  • The results will place your level on the CEFR scale (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, or C2). You will get a score for each section + an overall score.
  • You can see the answers at the end to help you learn from your mistakes.

Start English Level Test

Understanding Your Language Test Results

Voilà! You’ve finished the test, and you’ve gotten your results. At the end, we’ll provide information and advice to help you interpret your score and move forward. This test is graded automatically. Correct responses appear in green and incorrect responses appear in red, with an explanation. That way you can find out what you missed and improve for next time!

The CEFR levels

Here is the list of different CEFR levels for English learners:

  • A1: beginner
  • A2: false beginner
  • B1: intermediate
  • B2: upper intermediate
  • C1: advanced
  • C2: bilingual

So, what’s your score?
For more details, read our article explaining the differences between these levels, and what it means to become fluent in a language.

What skills does this level test evaluate?

This evaluation focuses on general English, that is, everyday English that you would use when traveling in an anglophone country. The test evaluates your written comprehension and expression with multiple choice questions. It tests the following skills:

  • oral comprehension
  • written comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • grammar


Why Should I Take an English Level Test?

Pourquoi passer un test de niveau anglais ?

1) For a quick assessment

Maybe you’ve taken English courses in school, and you’ve continued your learning by watching TV shows and listening to podcasts without ever paying attention to your level. Even if it’s just a question of simple curiosity, these few minutes could be the best-spent time of your day. By the time you’re done, you’ll have learned a little bit more about yourself. 😊

2) To start a learning program

If you want to start a learning program in English, it’s crucial to know your current level. This way, you can start in the right place and not waste your time. If you start with a course that’s too easy, you could get bored and lose motivation. And if you start with a course that’s too hard, you’ll feel overwhelmed by all the things you don’t know. That’s a recipe for getting discouraged! Knowing exactly what your level is will help you find the right starting point (and stay motivated)!

3) To practice for an official exam

There are several different official English level tests. These are the most well known:

Just like the MosaLingua test, these exams tell you your language level according to a common reference scale. Some include a speaking section. This will make your score a little more accurate. The advantage of these tests is that they provide official certification, or proof, of your language skills. However, they can be very expensive. Take our free English test first to see where you stand before you spend your money!


Test Your English Level

Next Steps… 👣

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Now, good luck and happy studying!