Hello everyone! I’m Mildred from MosaLingua. In this video, I will share with you five study abroad tips when it comes to traveling, working or studying abroad. These tips are based on my own experience of studying and working during the last five years in England. Now, here’s my advice:


Five Study Abroad Tips To Make The Most Out of Your Time Abroad

Five Study Abroad Tips To Make The Most Out of Your Time Abroad (Video)


Five Study Abroad Tips To Make The Most Out of Your Time Abroad (Transcript)

Study Abroad Tip #1: Before You go Abroad, Try Immersing Yourself in the Language

I advise you to listen to podcasts, radio, TV series and movies in the language you want to learn. So you will not feel lost once you arrive at your destination. If you plan to attend an academic course, I recommend you search for courses in connection with your discipline on iTunes U. There you will find lots of audio recordings of real dictation courses from the most prestigious universities in the world such as Oxford or MIT. This exercise will help you quickly become familiar with the academic community.and if you are looking for resources to learn English and measure your progress I recommend that you visit the web page: khanacademy.org

Study Abroad Tip #2: Prepare to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is important to keep in mind that when you study abroad, you will be in a constantly changing environment, because every day brings new learning experiences, and events that are impossible to predict. So, for example, you sometimes feel like you fall. More quickly into the language, or have a better understanding than other days, which is quite normal! The most important thing is that you remain flexible and quickly adapt to any learning challenges you may face. To do this, it is important that from the first day you are ready to speak the language as much as you can and that you follow a daily routine learning to make it easier to read and write academic courses.

Study Abroad Tip #3: Focus on the Vocabulary you Need Most.

To do this, I recommend you take inspiration from the vocabulary of every day life and the vocabulary of your discipline. For example, you can use tools such as the MosaLingua app, which will help you to memorize vocabulary that is useful on a daily basis, and to manage without any problems during the first months of your stay. I also advise you to create a vocabulary list with the academic words you use the most in your courses, and assign them specific symbols. So, when you take notes, you will not waste time writing the same word several times. In the MosaLingua application, there is a special “pack” allowing you to learn this type of vocabulary.

Study Abroad Tip #4: Avoid People Who Speak the Same Language as You.

I know it’s easier to meet people from the same country, but you will not progress quickly if you speak your mother tongue all the time. Meeting people from other nationalities is easier than you think since like you, they are also alone in an unknown country and they also want to meet new people. I advise you to participate in activities organized by the Student Associations at your university or language school.

Study Abroad Tip #5: Participate in Activities That Will Help You be Immersed in the Language and Culture of the Country

Being a volunteer is a tremendous opportunity to learn a language, meet people who have the same interests as you and will make it part of a cause that positively impacts the lives of everyone! Similarly, volunteering is a good opportunity to acquire and develop skills, which you will surely use in your next jobs!

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