We want to do everything we can to put your language studies on the right track, so we wrote up a series of free travel language phrasebooks and conversation guides. It has all of the most useful vocabulary words, phrases, and questions to help you get by in nearly any situation you find yourself in. If you’re an independent learner looking for quality phrasebooks that are specifically designed to teach you the most practical words, these guides are for you!

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We offer 7 different language phrasebooks:

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What’s Inside Your Free Travel Guide?

Each eBook contains 45 pages and 1000+ words and phrases, with English translations of course. It is organized by travel-related themes and ordered according to frequency of use (from the most commonly used vocabulary to more specialized terms).

If you’re planning a trip abroad, or if you simply want to improve your conversational language skills, you’ll want to have these phrasebooks by your side!

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