Introducing MosaSeries: L’Homme Sans Nom, an original web series for improving your French listening comprehension skills. Allons-y French learners! We’ve launched MosaSeries for English, Italian, Spanish, and German, and now it’s your turn. We’re excited to announce our newest course, MosaSeries French. Want to know more? Keep reading, then start working on your listening skills with a fun and addictive story right away.

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Improve Your Listening Comprehension Skills in French with MosaSeries

Sit back, relax, and enjoy what’s sure to become your new favorite binge-worthy series. No, it’s not on Netflix. I’m talking about MosaSeries: L’Homme Sans Nom, and besides telling a gripping story, it can also help you improve your listening skills in French. Génial! We wrote the series completely in French to give our users an original way to learn Marion Cotillard’s mother tongue.

In this course, you’ll focus on improving your level of listening comprehension in French. All of the episodes were recorded by professional voice actors, using spoken French that’s slow enough that you’re not left completely in the dark but fast enough that they sound natural and that you’ll actually have to work to improve your skills.

The story is broken down into 36 short episodes so that you’re not overwhelmed. It also helps that our teachers guide you through the learning process step by step. Each episode gradually introduces new vocabulary, grammar rules, and conjugations so that by the end you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of the language. It’s all about slowly learning new things and building on what you already know. And like I said before, our teachers will be with you every step of the way for a little extra guidance.


I want to learn more about MosaSeries!


Is MosaSeries: L’Homme Sans Nom right for me?

MosaSeries: L’Homme Sans Nom can be right for leaners with any amount of French knowledge, even complete beginners (but it’s perfect if you are between an A1 and B2 level). You’ll especially enjoy our newest series and the learning method that goes along with it if you…

  • like interesting stories or series;
  • feel like you should review some French basics before you start speaking with natives;
  • get discouraged or give up on things easily;
  • have trouble understanding spoken French.

Stephane V. tried the MosaSeries method, and here’s what he had to say about it: “Before starting this course, I would easily give up on listening to the dialogue during movies and only focus on the subtitles. Thanks to my accomplishments with MosaSeries, I now understand nearly everything I hear, and the words I don’t know no longer hold me back from getting the big picture. I not only improved my listening comprehension, but my vocabulary and grammar, too!

Find his testimonial and more on the MosaSeries homepage


Why should I improve my French listening comprehension skills?

That’s an easy one. After working on your listening skills throughout this course, you will:

  • understand native speakers when they talk to you (even on the phone),
  • finally be able to follow along with French movies and TV shows, even without subtitles,
  • have a better grasp on the language because you will have reviewed important basics.

All that, with just 10-15 minutes of practice per day over a period of 3 to 6 months.


More About MosaSeries


Included in MosaSeries: L’Homme Sans Nom

There are two seasons of MosaSeries: L’Homme Sans Nom, for a total of 36 episodes. Each episode includes:

  • audio recorded by professional voice actors (and sound effects for a total immersion experience)
  • a series of listening exercises
  • a reading exercise
  • flashcards to help you memorize the vocab you learned
  • a grammar lesson with exercises for learning or reviewing basic concepts in French
  • a video lesson from a member of our team with tips on how to learn language, fast

And the course wouldn’t be complete without some awesome bonuses! Check out the product page to find out what they are. So, are you excited? We’ll be waiting for you over on the MosaSeries: L’Homme Sans Nom homepage when you’re ready to begin or if you have any questions.

Not interested in learning French? MosaSeries is also available to help you learn English, improve your Spanish, work on your Italian skills, and practice your German listening comprehension.