Benny Lewis is a self-titled fun-loving Irish guy. Not only does he travel the world full time as a best selling author, but he also is fluent in speaking seven languages. He is the founder of Fluent in Three Months, a website and book dedicated to helping people learn a language by not being scared to make mistakes along the way. Holly Keenan, a member of the Fluent in Three Months’ team, was kind enough to try out MosaLingua for 10 hours over the span of 60 days on behalf of Benny Lewis and the rest of his team.



Fluent in Three Months’ Review of MosaLingua

Holly decided to test MosaLingua out by learning a language that she didn’t know too much about; Italian! She spent 10 hours on MosaLingua in the course of 60 days to see how effective it was in teaching her a language. The results? Check out some of our favorite quotes from Holly Keenan’s review:

  • Flashcard apps that use SRS are a really efficient way to learn difficult vocab in a new language. SRS is a proven technique, and you’ll find lots of advice here on Fi3M about how SRS works, and how to use it for language learning.

  • It’s easy to get up and running with MosaLingua. Just download the MosaLingua app to your iOS or Android device. I put links for the different languages at the end of this review so you can find the right one for the language you’re learning.

  • When it comes to which flashcards to study, MosaLingua does the heavy lifting for you. It has a built-in directory of thousands of flashcards for you to choose from. Tap the ‘Explore’ tab to search for flashcards, and select ones that are relevant to you. You can browse cards by topic, level, or by typing in a keyword to find a specific card.

  • One of my favourite features about MosaLingua is how it doesn’t shove grammar down your throat. I don’t like to study grammar when I’m first learning a language. Often grammar rules just fall into place after I’ve learned a good number of phrases and their meanings.

The Video Showing Italian Level Results After 60 Days

We’re so happy that someone from the Fluent in Three Months’ team took the time to review our app and found it extremely useful in her learning pursuits!

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