If you want to expand your Spanish vocabulary, learning the names of body parts in Spanish is ideal. Not only will you enrich your vocabulary, but you’ll also know what to do in possible medical situations (hopefully you never need to!). In this article, you’ll find some of the most common expressions and idioms using body parts so you can sound more like a native speaker!

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Parts of the Human Body in Spanish

Having a rich vocabulary allows us to communicate better and feel more confident in our command of the language. We always recommend body vocabulary among the basic words that you should memorize first. Not only because the body can be an important tool for communication, but it’s always useful to know the word for that body part that’s hurting you, right?

And of course, every language has numerous expressions that refer to the body, and knowing them will definitely enrich your Spanish. Let’s begin our journey into the human body, or el cuerpo humano.

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Learn Important Body Parts in Spanish

Below, you’ll find vocabulary specific to various areas of the body, complete with pictures to help your memory!

Head — Cabeza

Let’s start at the top with the face, which in Spanish is called el rostro or la cara. In the image below, you can see the different parts of the face in Spanish. If you also want to learn the pronunciation right away (and we highly recommend it), you can of course find all these words and more on our MosaLingua Spanish app. Our app is a great memorization tool – we have Spanish flashcards for body parts and all kinds of other useful vocabulary. You can also refer to the table below to see an English and Spanish list of body parts.

How do you say head in Spanish? Diagram with arrows pointing to Spanish body parts.

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Parts of the Head in SpanishSpanish Body Parts in English
la cabezahead
la caraface
el pelohair
la frenteforehead
la orejaear
la cejaeyebrow
el párpadoeyelid
la pestañaeyelash
el ojoeye
la mejillacheek
el cuelloneck
el mentón, la barbillachin
la bocamouth
el labiolip
el dientetooth
la lenguatongue
la gargantathroat


Upper torso and extremities — Torso y extremidades superiores

In the image below, we have all the body parts related to the chest and upper limbs of the body labeled in Spanish. As before, you can see the photograph labeled with a diagram of body parts in Spanish. You can also find additional terms in the table.

Diagram of the upper body parts in Spanish. Man leaning against a bicycle.

Upper Body and Torso in SpanishSpanish Body Parts in English
el hombroshoulder
el brazoarm
el abdomenabdomen
la axilaarmpit
el pechochest
el codoelbow
la muñecawrist
la manohand
el dedofinger
la uñanail
la espaldaback
la cinturawaist
la barrigastomach
el ombligobelly button

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Lower limbs — Extremidades inferiores

The lower part of the body includes all the words related to parts of the body from the navel down. More details can be found in the table below.

Person standing on one leg, pictured from the waist down and wearing a red skirt and red shoes. Body part diagram in Spanish - vocabulary for legs and feet.

Feet and Legs in SpanishSpanish Body Parts in English
la caderahip
la piernaleg
el muslothigh
la rodillaknee
la pantorrillacalf
el tobilloankle
el piefoot
el dedotoe
la nalgabuttock


Internal organs — Órganos internos

There are too many organs to present here in one image, but the diagram below will give you an overview of some of the important inside body parts in Spanish. Have a look at the table to learn a few more words.

Image of a man's internal organs labeled with the words of body parts in Spanish.

Internal Organs in SpanishSpanish Organs in English
la pielskin
el esófagoesophagus
el pulmónlung
el hígadoliver
el estómagostomach
el intestino delgadosmall intestine
el intestino gruesolarge intestine
el corazónheart
el riñónkidney
el bazospleen
el cerebrobrain
la vesícula biliargallbladder
el apéndiceappendix
la vejigabladder


Expressions with Body Parts in Spanish

Below are some of the most commonly used idiomatic expressions in Spanish related to the body, with examples. These colloquial phrases in Spanish will definitely help you speak like a native.

  • Echar una mano (a alguien) [help someone, lend a hand]
    • Example: Necesito lavar el coche, ¿me echas una mano? = I need to wash the car, can you give me a hand?
  • Andar con pies de plomo [tread carefully, tread lightly]
    • Example: He conocido un chico muy guapo pero ando con pies de plomo. = I’ve met a very handsome guy but I’m treading carefully.
  • No pegar ojo [not close your eyes, not sleep a wink]
    • Example: Mi hermana pequeña lloró toda la noche. ¡No pegué ojo! = My younger sister cried all night long. I didn’t sleep a wink!
  • Tomar el pelo [to tease, lit. “to pull one’s hair”]
    • Example: ¿De verdad ganaste la lotería o me estás tomando el pelo? = Did you really win the lottery, or are you kidding me?
  • Estar hasta las narices (de) [to be fed up with someone/something, lit. “to be up to one’s eyeballs”]
    • Example: Estoy hasta las narices de mis vecinos ruidosos = I’m fed up with my noisy neighbors.
  • Tener a alguien entre ceja y ceja  [to not like someone, lit.”to have someone between one’s eyebrows”]
    • Example: Mi hija tiene a Luis entre ceja y ceja porque le robó la muñeca = My daughter doesn’t like Luis, because he stole her doll.
  • Tener algo entre ceja y ceja [to be fixated on something, lit. “to hold something between one’s eyebrows”]
    • Example: Tengo mi equipo entre ceja y ceja y me muero por verlo ganar el campeonato = I am fixated on my team and can’t wait to see them win the championship.
  • Echarse una pestaña [take a nap, lit. “eyelashing”]: Only used in Peru and in a couple other countries in South America.
    • Example: Me voy a echar una pestaña. Estoy muy cansado = I’m going to take a nap. I’m very tired.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of words and phrases about body parts in Spanish, and that it will give you a hand 😉 in increasing your vocabulary!


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