Are you interested in writing a guest post for the MosaLingua blog?

Do you want to submit a cool, interesting and original article about languages, travel or personal development? We would be delighted to read your submission! But before you go to the trouble of writing an article to submit, please read this guide on guest blogging carefully. We wrote it to make sure our collaborations work as well as possible.

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Why Should I Publish a Guest Post on MosaLingua?

MosaLingua is one of the most popular blogs about language learning; we log thousands of visitors every day!

Posting a guest article on our blog will essentially allow you to…

  • share your ideas with hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in languages,
  • bring fresh perspectives and your expertise to our readers,
  • bump your own site up a few spots in the search engines (thanks to the links we’ll talk about later),
  • draw traffic to your site and social networks.

What Kind of Article Should I Write?

  • Finding a good topic is KEY.
    Before submitting your ideas, please take the time to read the MosaLingua blog and check that no similar article has been published. You can also use the search bar to check for the keywords you’re interested in. Spending some quality time with our blog should give you an idea of the article topics that we post about (advice, tips, motivation, etc.). Of course, it’s a good idea to hold off on the actual writing process until we have accepted your proposal.
  • We only accept original content.
    This means that you cannot recycle an article that you have already written or that you plan to publish on another blog or website (including your own). Unfortunately, if we find out that a similar or identical article has been published elsewhere, we will have to remove your article from the MosaLingua site.
  • Your article must bring real added value for our readers.
    Funny? Professional? Informative? Choose whatever tone you like, but make sure your article sticks to languages, travel, or personal development. And make sure it provides interesting and valuable information to our readers!

What Should I Include in My Article?

  • We leave the style of your post up to you! Write whatever kind of guest article you want, but make sure that it’s easy to read (try to stick to mostly short sentences) and especially well written (no misspellings, other typos, or factual errors).
  • A guest post that is well optimized from an SEO point of view is a big plus for us.
    Of course, our team is here to help you with that aspect if need be.
  • We do not accept guest posts that are shorter than 1500 words in English, or 1200 words in other languages ​​(French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Portuguese).
  • You can add images to your guest article to make it more enjoyable to read. You will find quality photos on and If you choose to include images, please embed them. They should be 750 px wide and weigh less than 100KB.
  • Include a short author bio or description of your website at the end of your article.
  • You may include a maximum of two links to your own site(s).
    One of them should be in the author’s bio (at the end). Please also include at least two links to MosaLingua articles wherever they make sense, for example to similar topics or articles that could provide additional information to readers.

To Know

Writing a guest post for MosaLingua means giving us exclusive rights to your article. We reserve the right to use and modify your article as we wish and use the full text or excerpts in other MosaLingua publications or courses. You will not be able to ask us to remove it from our site once it has been published.

How does the publication process work – step by step?

So, do you have a great idea? Send us a proposal!

In your e-mail, please include the potential title of your guest post, a few lines about the topic, the most important points you’ll cover, and a bit about yourself. Who are you, what do you do, and why do you want to write for MosaLingua? 😉

If your idea is cool, well thought-out, and original – meaning that we have not yet covered the subject (or at least not this specific aspect of it) – and if we feel that you can create something great for our readers, then we’d love to read your article! We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can so that you can get to work. Once you have written and proofread it, submit your article via Google Docs to our blog manager with whom you have been in touch.

Please note that we receive many requests and unfortunately can’t publish every article that is submitted. If we do choose to publish your post, we will take care of copying it into our content management tool and making any edits we deem necessary. Once it’s ready to be published, we’ll ask you to give it one last look before it goes live.

When Will My Guest Post Be Published on the MosaLingua Blog?

Once everything is ready, on your side and ours, and the article has been uploaded onto the MosaLingua content management system, we will let you know the date that your post will be published. Once it’s up, help us get as many people as possible to read it!

  • Share your guest post using the link to the MosaLingua blog, or click one of the buttons under the “share now” side bar to share it to your social networks.
  • Answer the questions and comments that our readers leave for you.
  • Share and promote it as much as you want. The more buzz, the better!

If you have any other questions about guest blogging for the MosaLingua website, or are ready to submit your proposal, contact us via this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.