We’ve created the next installment of our language hack series! As promised, it’ll help boost your motivation and allow you to progress faster in your language learning goals. This language hack is about how to get organized to have the perfect plan to make quick progress. We’ve made sure that our language hacks are short and to the point so you can pull up a chair and pick up on these great tips before work, before bed or whenever you have a break in your day! It’s a good idea to also jot some notes down so that you remember them.



How to Get Organized to Have the Perfect Plan to Make Quick Progress (Video)

How to Get Organized to Have the Perfect Plan to Make Quick Progress (Video Transcript)

Hi! This is Cédric from MosaLingua. I am here today to share with you another language learning hack. Please listen carefully because this will change the way you learn languages forever. So, do you want to learn a language?

Well, you need to know that organization is key if you want some serious results. Well, how do you get organized? The first step is to set up a timetable for your learning. Keep it very simple: you only have to make sure you can secure a small amount of time for your language learning each day. However, it is incredibly important that you study everyday.

Regularity is key. There is no need to spend too much time on each of your learning sessions. You typically start off with a lot of motivation and so you don’t want to lose it for being a little bit optimistic in the beginning. So you can start with a small amount of time for each of your learning sessions and then increase the workload gradually as soon as you start to see some great results coming.

A very important point: breakdown your learning into small and simple tasks. Also, set deadlines for yourself along the way. You’ll see that it will definitely be easier for you and you’ll stay motivated the entire way.

Besides, don’t forget to look back every once in awhile and give yourself a little pat on the shoulder for all the good work you’ve done. You earned it after all! You can also change the organization style and schedule at any time if you think you’re facing too much of a hurdle. It’s okay to be flexible!

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