Since MosaSeries English was such a huge success, we are excited to announce MosaSeries Italian: L’Uomo Senza Nome, for, you guessed it, improving your Italian listening skills! Read on to find out more about MosaLingua’s newest course…

MosaSeries Italian listening comprehension course

L’Uomo Senza Nome, a Captivating Story to Help You Improve Your Italian Comprehension Skills

We know how much you love TV series and other interesting stories. The proof is in the pudding: MosaSeries English was a big hit. So, dear friends, if you’ve started the journey of learning Italian, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve just released L’Uomo Senza Nome. It’s the Italian version of The Man With No Name, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this MosaLingua original series!

MosaSeries Italian: L’Uomo Senza Nome is a story that will really pull you in, thanks to the magical cliffhanger effect. It’s an Italian adaptation of MosaSeries English, so the story is set in Rome instead of New York City.

We like to call it a series because the story of the man with no name takes place over the course of 24 episodes. Professional voice actors will read each episode aloud to you; they speak slowly enough that you’ll be able to understand, but not so slowly that it doesn’t sound natural. Plus, each of the 24 episodes introduces new Italian grammar concepts, conjugations, and vocabulary, so that the learning process is as easy and gradual as possible. Part of our pedagogy is based on Stephen D. Krashen’s idea of “comprehensible input.” He argues that learners make the most progress when they receive “inputs” that are one step above their current level. So, to help you improve your Italian listening comprehension, we’ll expose you to content that is slightly above what you are comfortable with and progressively introduce new concepts.


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Is MosaSeries Italian Right for Me?

Do you want to improve your Italian listening skills? The MosaSeries Italian: L’Uomo Senza Nome course was designed for beginner to intermediate learners (A1 to B2). More specifically, this program is probably right for you if:

  • stories (books, movies/TV) fascinate you;
  • you struggle to understand spoken Italian in movies, TV shows, and conversations with native speakers;
  • you want to build a stronger foundation in Italian and work on grammar, conjugation, and vocabulary;
  • and/or you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.


What Results Can I Expect in Italian?

To see results and improved Italian comprehension skills, you will need to spend about 10-15 minutes a day “working,” every day, for 3 to 6 months. If you can manage that (and we know you can!), you can expect to:

  • understand Italians better when they speak to you, even over the phone,
  • have a better mastery of the Italian language because of the grammar, conjugation, and vocabulary you will have learned,
  • be able to follow Italian movies and TV shows without subtitles, thanks to the EasyAudioPrep® method.

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What Do I Get with MosaSeries Italian?

MosaSeries Italian: L’Uomo Senza Nome isn’t just a great story (although it definitely is!)… Our newest course includes 24 audio episodes, plus:

  • listening comprehension exercises to help you truly improve your Italian listening skills,
  • reading exercises,
  • tons of flashcards with key Italian words and concepts,
  • 20+ grammar lessons with exercises,
  • and video lessons from our Italian teacher, Mara.

And that’s not all… MosaSeries also comes with a one-year subscription to MosaLingua Premium (Web & Mobile), plus our complete guide to watching foreign-language movies and TV shows online. Our team of teachers will be with you every step of the way (just like our other courses and training programs). Questions or concerns? We’re here to help you improve your Italian, so feel free to reach out.

If you’re interested in working on your Italian listening skills or want more information, head over to this page: MosaSeries: L’Uomo Senza Nome. See you there!


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