We’re very excited to announce our newest language course: a MasterClass to help you improve every aspect of your spoken Spanish. With this course, you will improve your pronunciation, gain fluency, and build the confidence you need to speak your target language. Keep reading to learn more!

speak spanish with confidence masterclass improve your spoken spanish

MosaSpeak: Speak Spanish with Confidence!

Learning Spanish, but still don’t feel confident enough to talk to native speakers? Don’t feel comfortable speaking Spanish because you know that you have trouble saying some words or sounds? Want to work on your speaking skills, pronunciation, and confidence, but don’t know where to start?

That’s where our newest course – Speak Spanish with Confidence – comes in! It’s a step-by-step course to help independent language learners work on every aspect of their spoken Spanish. It can help you feel more comfortable, better understand Hispanic culture, make the most of your trips to Spain and Latin America, and actually enjoy speaking.

Throughout the course, you’ll only focus on what’s really important for improving your spoken Spanish, including how to avoid the most common mistakes made by English speakers. If you know anything about MosaLingua, you probably know that we are all about learning the 20% of information that will get you 80% of the way to your goal.

improve your spoken spanish with our speak spanish with confidence masterclass

More info about the MasterClass!


Is this course right for me?

The MasterClass will probably be a great fit if you:

    • are at a beginner or intermediate level (A2 to B2)
    • don’t feel comfortable or ready to speak
    • want to focus on improving your spoken Spanish skills
    • need help gaining confidence and speaking more fluidly
    • and if your main goal is to be able to speak Spanish

On the other hand, if you are already at a high-intermediate or advanced level, if you already speak Spanish with confidence, or if your main goal is not to be able to speak Spanish (but to be able to read or write it, instead, for example), this course probably isn’t right for you.


How will it help me improve my spoken Spanish?

Since no one can improve their spoken Spanish overnight, our course is broken up into 8 modules. They are organized by order of priority and walk learners step by step through various aspects of comprehension and speaking.

Modules are packed full of exercises, coaching videos, hundreds of vocabulary and pronunciation flashcards, handy techniques to try, and other tips from our teachers. You’ll also have access to a host of multimedia resources to practice with. Each unit also comes with a detailed action plan to encourage you to keep practicing what you’ve learned.

To find out exactly what you’ll learn in each module, head over to the Speak Spanish with Confidence page. Hope to see you there!

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