Medical English MosaLingua Review Interview

Awhile back, we received a message from Sophia who was using the Medical English app asking us about therapy themed vocabulary in the app.  She seemed to be using the app a lot and so we asked her how she would feel about doing a Medical English MosaLingua Review.

Medical English MosaLingua Review

Here is the Medical English MosaLingua Review below.

1. Could you introduce and tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey there,
My name is Sophia and I am a German physiotherapist currently relocating to Scotland. I finished my physio studies in Summer 2017 and started working in my hometown of Rostock in a private practice. Since my fiancé is living in Edinburgh, I was keen on moving to the UK right from the beginning, and now my dream finally comes true! 🙂

2. What was it that made you want to learn with MosaLingua in the first place?

Medical language! Being exposed to English because of my relationship with a native speaker, I already had somewhat good fluency, but literally no clue about the medical terminology. When I found out that Mosalingua offered an app for medical English, I immediately jumped into it.

3. Would you learn during daily learning sessions (for example every day for 10 minutes) or would you simply learn when you had some time?
I did a combination of all, I would say. I tried to learn at least 15 new cards each day, plus the repeats of course. I usually did my ‘workout’ on the way to work, and – time permitting – another round in the evening. Furthermore, I started adding new words whenever I stumbled across something I could not find in the Mosalingua vocab.

4. When doing daily sessions: How long did your daily learning sessions last?
It usually took me about 5-10 minutes for one session, doing these twice a day – that leaves me with a total practice time of around 20 minutes each day.

5. How did you stay motivated?
Wanting to work as a health professional in the UK is a great motivation, but it also helps that I am generally interested in language and words themselves. Besides, a lot of medical literature is much more accessible in English than in German. And the streak feature of the Mosalingua app was a little factor as well. I was not expecting to be intrigued by a tiny but fancy number… 😉

6. Did you use other supporting materials or methods to learn?
Because the Mosalingua Medical English app mainly focuses on vocab, I also worked with a book specializing in English for health profession workers like physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists. I was also done with all the unknown medical terms on Mosalingua at some point. At that time I started adding terms from this book and other medical literature.

8. What do you prefer about the app?
The simple system in general is a big advantage. The app is quite easy to handle, and the tips and messages the team leaves for the users in between made me smile a lot.
Another thing that appealed to me is the opportunity to add your own words, especially in combination with the pretty good automated computer voice for these cards and the featured links to grammar books, dictionaries and videos containing the specific pronunciation.

9. What would your suggestions be to improve MosaLingua’s method?
The method itself? Probably more precise ratings on the difficulty of single words. My fiancé learns with the German app and he agrees on the slightly confusing sorting/level system as well.

And in case of added words: Sorting / showing them as “recently added last” would help a lot! I often had to start with the most recently added words, leaving some of the first added words forever staying in the queue.

But hey, as we say in Germany: “Das ist Jammern auf hohem Niveau!” (Complaining on high niveau/about first world problems). 🙂

9. Any last words to end this Medical English MosaLingua Review… ?
Thanks for the app, definitely worth the few bucks! I can only recommend it to people who want to learn and need something short and easy to fit into a busy day.

Big thanks for reading this Medical English MosaLingua Review from the MosaLingua team!