It’s quite easy to make resolutions in hopes that you can achieve your language learning goals. However, it’s another matter entirely when it comes to keeping your resolution and committing to achieving them. Do you tend to drop your resolutions after a few months? weeks? even days? Then watch our latest video on how to maintain your resolutions and  see your goals to the end!


How to Keep Your Resolution of Learning a Language // 5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

How to Keep your Resolution of Learning a Language // 5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals (Video)

How to keep your resolution of learning a language // 5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals (Transcript)

 1. Train Yourself

Before starting, you need to rid yourself of any preconceptions you may have. There are tons of methods for doing so:
a) Regularly repeat positive affirmations
b) Practice Mindful Meditation to Discover and Understand an Internal Dialogue
c) Surround yourself with understanding people that encourage you
For creating a great schedule, you could:
a) Start a 30 day challenge: repeat a small action every day for 30 days and you’ll create a powerful habit to achieve your goals!
b) Set an end date for this first learning phase

3. Be Consistent

To succeed, make sure to:
a) Begin with regular lessons that stay small and short (10 minutes is great for the beginning)
b) Increase the workload little by little, one step at a time
c) Don’t overdo the work so you don’t get sick of it

4. Communicate

 Make plans to:
a) Publicly commit to your goal
b) Join a language learning community
c) Share your progress on social media

5. Equip Yourself

Boost your learning by:
a) Watching original foreign movies and series with subtitles
b) Reading books or comics on a reader or tablet
c) Using your MosaLingua app to easily memorize new vocabulary
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