We’re very thankful for Lucrezia from the popular Italian language YouTube channel Learn Italian with Lucrezia‘s unsponsored review of our Italian language app. She recommends using our app when you plan to travel to Italy, as it is an extremely useful tool to use both before traveling and during. She also says that the interface is easy to use and intuitive, as our app guides users in his or her learning process.  Although she doesn’t recommend using our app as the only resource, we don’t either, which is why we provide recommendations to plenty of other resources such as podcasts, YouTube channels like Lucrezia’s, and other online resources. Watch her video for yourself below and comment what your experiences are with our Italian language app!

Learn Italian With Lucrezia


Learn Italian With Lucrezia Video Review

“Uno strumento molto utile sia prima di partire che dopo…interfaccia molto facile da utilizzare, intuitiva”

“A very useful tool to use both before your travel and when you’re in Italy … with a very easy interface and intuitive to use”