For the past few months, we’ve been quietly working on a brand-new learning tool called 💬 MosaChat-AI. This powerful and innovative tool is designed to help take your language skills to the next level with MosaLingua. The beta version has been officially released, so we think it’s about time we unveiled the concept!

Article published on March 2, 2023 and updated on April 14, 2023

With a laptop on her lap, a woman is having a chat conversation with the MosaChat-AI eTutor. Text reads: MosaChat-AI by MosaLingua

💬 MosaChat-AI, The Artificial Intelligence–Powered Language Tutor

One major recent innovation could revolutionize how we learn languages: artificial intelligence, or AI.

Tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Notion-AI make it possible to have conversations with a super “smart” chatbot. When we tried them out, a light bulb went on in our heads…

Artificial intelligence has the potential to help people who want to learn a foreign language.

With 💬 MosaChat-AI, we’re aiming to develop the very first language tutor that combines:

  • the power of artificial intelligence
  • the effectiveness of the MOSALearning® method
  • our vast library of language-learning resources
  • and our 12+ years of teaching experience


💬 MosaChat-AI Features

The main goal of 💬 MosaChat-AI is to give students 24/7 access to a personal language tutor. At any time of day or night, you can chat with eTutor Aida.

Use it to practice producing and reading your target language. It can even correct your mistakes (and since AI doesn’t have consciousness or feelings, you can be sure it’s not judging you) and provide real-time explanations!

Using our experience and MosaLingua methodology, we designed a variety of scenarios to help you make the most of this new technology. Here are a few ways to use it:

  • If you want to improve your skills before a trip abroad: simulate a conversation you might have in a foreign country
  • If you need to prep for a job interview in your target language: 💬 MosaChat-AI will ask you questions that are likely to come up in a professional setting and analyze your answers
  • If you just want to have a conversation: practice talking to our eTutor Aida about lots of different topics
  • If you have a grammar-related question: ask questions and get answers in real-time
  • If you want to practice the vocabulary you’ve learned with MosaLingua: our tool will suggest activities that incorporate what you’ve learned.

MosaChat-AI continuously adjusts to your level and learns about your interests.

MosaChat-AI Screenshot

Check out this sneak preview of the 💬 MosaChat-AI interface (beta version). We can’t wait for you to test out our AI-powered language tutor! 

The beta version has a limited set of features. But it has incredible potential, and we’re planning to make it more comprehensive and valuable over time.

As always, feedback from our users is incredibly important. We’re excited to keep improving it over time based on your suggestions—that’s why we’re releasing it as a beta version first.


The Potential and Limits of AI

Artificial intelligence is still a relatively new technology, and while promising, it does have limits. For instance, chatbots have to be designed with a narrow scope in mind. When using them, be sure to trust your critical thinking skills—because like humans, they aren’t always right.

The quality of the answers you get can also vary quite a bit depending on the quality of the instructions you give it. But this is just the beginning of something very exciting! These types of tools are sure to become much more advanced in the future.

As with any technology, it is up to humans to use it intelligently. That’s what makes 💬 MosaChat-AI so useful and relevant. It exploits the power of artificial intelligence but also relies on our own human expertise.


Language Coaching, A MosaLingua Hallmark

Ever since MosaLingua launched in 2009, coaching and tutoring have been integral to our approach. In fact, the MosaLingua app was designed as a virtual language coach. You’ll always have an efficient language-learning method, right in your pocket.

One of the pillars of our method is helping learners on a daily basis (practice reminders, regular review sessions, motivational messages, etc.), via powerful algorithms and the latest advances in technology. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we learn. And MosaLingua was one of the first apps to allow you to learn a language on your phone.

When it was first launched, it was so unprecedented and innovative that some users were skeptical: “What do you mean, I can learn Spanish on my smartphone?” But we quickly won them over, when they realized that our method truly works.

Now, thanks to artificial intelligence, we are innovating once again. We’re offering our users a new, powerful tool to make learning a language even easier and more interactive.


When and How Can I Try 💬 MosaChat-AI?

The beta version of 💬 MosaChat-AI is available for free to anyone with a MosaLingua Premium subscription.

There’s no additional subscription for now: all Premium users have access. (Please note though that 💬 MosaChat-AI is currently only available on the web version.)

Unlimited access to this tool will only be available for a few weeks. After that, we plan to limit certain functions or overall daily use, simply to keep the tool engaging and affordable over the long term.

Try 💬 MosaChat-AI for yourself

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Bonus Video: How to Practice Your Target Language with 💬 MosaChat-AI

Curious to see it in action before you try it for yourself? Lizzie-Jane made a video to introduce the ins and outs of the tool and give you a live demo of 💬 MosaChat-AI. She put e-tutor Aida to the test, to see if it would understand her speech and correct her mistakes.

Since she used the tool to practice her Spanish, the video is in English and Spanish. There are subtitles in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese if you find them helpful. Click the Settings gear at the bottom right to toggle them on and off.

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Next Steps

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