Sam, the other members of the team and I have the pleasure of receiving many emails from people who want to thank us for the help we offer through our MosaLingua apps and our learning club.
A few months ago, I received an email from Rémi, a retired Quebecker who decided to create a small learning group for his retirement home. I felt like sharing his message because he could really get the message across that we can all learn a language, no matter how old we are.


A message from Rémi, a happy member of our learning club

Good evening Luca,
I thought it would an honest thing to do from my part to give you credit for the wok I’ve been accomplishing for the past few weeks and share the circumstances as to why I joined the learning club of MosaLingua.

I’m a 78 years-old retired person. I reside in a nice retirement home situated close to the magnificent Richelieu river, a few kilometers from Montreal.
During a conversation with a group of friends, both men and women, it was suggest that, once a week, we should meet up in a room to speak in English about different subjects all while improving our knowledge about this language. Except for one of us, we are all native French speakers and our knowledge of the English language is limited.

Being both a great exercise for the memory and concentration, this can only be beneficial.
Being personally interested by this suggestion I decided to follow through, and I’ve been meeting up with all those interested for a weekly meeting. I went on the internet in search of documentation concerning conversation in English.

I became acquainted with the MOSALINGUA website which seemed to be the answer for our needs. Because going on the computer was impossible for our small group, I photocopied any useful documentation from your website and any emails sent to the members of your learning club.

During this encounter which lasts around two hours, I added the English version of The Little Prince by Saint-Exupéry which we translate one chapter at a time during each meeting. From next week on, we’ll add time for conversation on a given subject.

learning club
The residence where Rémi and his friends live

All are interested, and it’s a pleasure to meet up every week. Currently, we are six people, and there is the possibility of having more people coming to the courses during the coming weeks.

I know very well that your formation is addressed to individual persons, but in this case, it fits our needs perfectly. I constantly check for any correspondence from you part, and whenever you’ll send me pertinent documents or information, I’ll photocopy them, and I’ll share them with my colleagues.

I thank you for your collaboration, and please accept my greetings,


This message is the most beautiful answer to all those who say that you can’t learn a language after a certain age. Just as Rémi and another 110,000 people have, you can join our learning club to start to progress in your language skills.