I’m sure you’ve heard us talking about our MosaSeries listening course designed especially for improving listening comprehension. Are you still on the fence about whether it’s the right course for you? Worried your level is too low? Hesitant that it’s too much of a commitment? Well, now you don’t have to just take our word for it… we recently received a MosaSeries review from one of our users, Kira, who has been using the course to learn French. We’d like to share some of what she had to say. We hope her experience will help you determine if MosaSeries is right for you!

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Kira’s MosaSeries Review

Kira is Russian, but she sent us her review in English. In it, she even shows off her impressive new French skills! Let’s give her the mic! (Scroll down to the end of the article if you’d rather watch the video testimonial she sent us.)

Hello everyone!

My name is Kira and I would like to share my experience of using MosaSeries. The great experience actually, the awesome experience. Because I really liked it, I enjoyed every episode, and I was always looking forward to a new one to become available.

I’m learning French so I used MosaSeries French. My level was zero. But before the series, I’d started with MosaLingua App.

I can’t help mentioning that this app is also very good. I would even say the best from those I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a lot when I was trying to find something really useful and convenient to learn French.

So, I knew about a hundred words when I started the series.

What I liked about the series:

First of all, I liked the quality. I mean the quality of the recordings, but even more of the voices, of the actors. They are really vivid, emotional, and pleasant to listen to.

Then, the step-by-step approach. For example, the first episodes are slower and shorter than the subsequent ones. That is good in the way that the conversation speed becomes normal very soon. Those dialogues on the internet at a slow speed are boring and are not really effective at all.

I liked also the short grammar lessons. These aren’t even lessons, more explanations, short reviews. And it’s also good that you have all in one place (MosaLingua App, I mean). And you can easily add grammar tips to the stack of cards to learn.

My results:

Well, I should say that I used other sources, other materials for learning. But for the listening comprehension skill, it was mostly MosaSeries. And my work with it was giving me the feeling of success, of satisfaction when I saw (and heard) that I understood the conversation, that I could follow the story. It gave me the vocabulary in the context. And pleasure in the process.

A very handy tool is MosaDiscovery. You don’t need to go anywhere to translate the words you don’t know.

Well, there is a lot of material now on the Internet and a lot even for free. But it’s hard to find truly good methods. And we pay not for the information itself but for the system, for the structure, for the organization.

And to my mind, here, with MosaSeries, we have both: quality and system.

I enjoyed this method very much, I have my results, I can use the same techniques in my further studies. I totally got what I wanted – fast and structured learning. I’m 100% satisfied. And I would recommend MosaSeries to anyone who wants to make good and fast progress in a foreign language.

For me it was French. So I would like to say some words in French in the end.

Hear Kira’s new skills in action

Bonjour ! 

Je voudrais dire merci à toute l’équipe de MosaLingua.

J’ai bien aimé la série. Je la trouve très utile et très pratique et intéressante. Elle m’a aidé beaucoup dans mon apprentissage. Et je vous souhaite de continuer, de vous améliorer et d’avoir beaucoup de clients contents et satisfaits, comme moi ! Merci.

(Hello! I’d like to say thank you to the entire MosaLingua team. I really liked the series. I find it very useful, practical, and interesting. It helps me a lot with my learning. And I hope that you are able to continue, keep improving, and have many happy and satisfied clients like myself. Thank you.)

That’s all. Thank you all! Bye.

Video: Watch Kira’s MosaSeries Review

If you’d like to listen to Kira share her MosaSeries review via video, you can watch it below, or check out her video on YouTube. If you listen to the end, you can also hear her wonderful French accent!

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Next Steps

If you’re inspired to get started listening to The Man With No Name in your target language, click here. We’ll be so glad to have you! If you haven’t guessed yet, this multi-part story walks beginner-level learners through an audio story, gradually introducing new vocabulary and grammar concepts in each episode. By the end, you’ll be shocked by how much you can understand, and by how much more confident you are in your listening skills! The series is available for people learning French, Spanish, German, Italian, and English.

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And of course, if you have any comments or if you’d like to share your own MosaSeries review, we’d love to hear what you have to say. Feedback from our users is what keeps us continuously improving our offerings!

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