Olly Richards, famous polyglot who knows eight languages and founder of I Will Teach You a Language recently had a chance to review our apps. In his language learning program he answers such questions as the best way to master a foreign language, why some people learn a language much easier than others, and how to learn a language when you’re busy (check it out here!).

Olly Richards YouTube Review

Olly Richards YouTube Review

Recently, Olly found a need to learn German as he was planning a trip to Berlin and wanted to have some language skills to communicate while he was there. Olly started to study German with his usual routine, which involved going to a bookstore, buying German language books and sitting down every day to study. However, he ran into a major problem–he was so busy, he barely had time to learn the language!

That’s where MosaLingua’s German app came in handy! He didn’t have hours to dedicate to learning German and he also wasn’t interested in total mastery of the language, but instead wanted to be able to communicate effectively and enjoy using German.

Olly loved our app so much that he felt compelled to create a YouTube review video! Check out Olly Richards YouTube Review below:

Here are some of our favorite quotes from his review video:

  • “The strength of MosaLingua, what it does really really well, is that it gets the basics right.”


  • “What you have in this app is a selection of really useful phrases that you’re actually going to want to use and the entire ecosystem you need to actually go and learn them.”


  • “You got a good flashcard system that is user-friendly and works well”


  • “MosaLingua allows you to choose what you study by topic, whether its in the restaurant, general conversation or transport, it is a really good compliment to more traditional study methods”


We’re so happy that Olly Richards was confident enough in our apps to get behind them, however we’re not surprised! The team at MosaLingua has worked extremely hard to bring you the best language learning product available. Try out the LITE version of one of our apps now to test it out for yourself! We’re confident that you’ll enjoy it as much as Olly Richards. If so please take the time to give us five starts in the app store!