Congratulations! You’ve made a lot of language progress already, and you’ve reached an intermediate level! But don’t stop there! The ultimate goal of language learning is to become fluent, right? However, doing so is easier said than done. Overcoming the intermediate barrier or “intermediate plateau” is one of the hardest parts of language learning. Luckily, Luca, the co-founder of MosaLingua, is going to break it down for you today!

intermediate barrier

Luca’s Language Hack: Overcome the Intermediate Barrier and Become an Advanced Speaker

Luca came up with a quick hack for all of you out there who are having trouble pushing yourself over the hump of the annoying intermediate plateau and on toward true fluency. Watch his video right here or on our YouTube channel.

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What is an intermediate barrier, anyway?

It’s all fun and games when you start learning a language. You’ve been studying your flashcards and learning hundreds of new words. You might have even started listening to easy podcasts or audiobooks for learners. Or maybe you’re following along with the exciting plot in MosaSeries!

If you feel that you’re not making much with languages and you’re experiencing this so-called “intermediate plateau,” listen up because I have a very powerful strategy to help you!

So you have been studying language for a while, you can get by in many situations and your level is somewhere between low intermediate and high intermediate… but you feel it’s been a while since you’ve actually improved. First of all, I want to reassure you because it’s actually easier to improve when you start from scratch than when you reach a certain level: the last 20% is always the most complicated to reach!

How to overcome the intermediate plateau

Luca has learned six languages and has experienced the so-called “intermediate barrier” first-hand. What he discovered is that the most effective strategy is reading a lot to memorize words in their context. So where do you get this context? Just by reading on a regular basis! There is a lot of material adapted to your language level: short stories, articles, dialogues… the possibilities are limitless!

Make this a habit and you’ll see the difference soon enough. Once again I cannot stress enough the importance of having fun while doing this. So read stuff you’re interested in and absolutely passionate about because learning a language should not be boring! MosaLingua Premium (Web & Mobile), which includes a mobile app and web platform, provides you with plenty of learning material and the possibility to learn new words. Create your personal flashcards as you’re reading the words in authentic contexts. Check it out now and give it a try!

Also, if you’d like to listen to Luca’s advice in podcast form, be sure to check out this episode of the MosaLingua Language Lab:

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