Hi there! This is Cedric from MosaLingua. In today’s video, I will talk about why it is important to speak as soon as possible when learning English. Ok, you might think it sounds a bit scary but with a bit of preparation, it’s quite the opposite.We’ll discover it’s actually a good fun. Let me tell you why! We at MosaLingua, insist that you should start to speak as soon as possible when you learn a language. Not only is this more efficient for your expression, it’s also just great fun.


 Speaking English is FUN!  (Video)

Speaking English is FUN! (Transcript)

Whether you exchange in real life or with a correspondent over the Internet this will definitely spice up your learning experience. When you’re learning English you often focus on understanding the language, mostly via reading or listening. Oral expression is quite often left behind and this is something you should change very quickly. I’m sure you would agree we stress enough the importance of understanding English.

The whole world communicates in English and the internet mostly speaks in English; This really opens the door to world of possibilities. I’m not even talking about the cultural offering that becomes available to you which is huge and diverse. Yet why not also speak it? Quite often people shy away from that and you can understand why.

We’ve been all traumatized by English oral practice in high school. How embarrassing was that? Besides not everyone lives in an english-speaking context so why would we want to speak English right from the beginning? Yes frankly, it is just great! Why is that? There’s so many reason I don’t even know where to start but I’ll try…Meeting new and interesting people.

The whole world speaks English, not only people from english-speaking countries. You will definitely meet fascinating people from diverse backgrounds that will inspire you. They will understand that you are only learning. They’ve been there too. Even the natives will be amazed that you can speak some of the language. Discover the world. Imagine yourself chatting with people from Chile, South Africa, Indonesia or even Korea… you could travel to those places!

Speaking with natives is a fantastic chance to dive into the daily life and discover places and cultures wouldn’t dreams of reaching before. Laughing and learning while making mistakes. Forget the embarrassment of speaking English in public. Once you understand that making mistakes is the best way to make progress in the language, you will laugh about each of  them. And trust me, something that is truly funny is also something that you won’t forget. Learn new expression. Reading and listening will only get you tso far. Having conversations with other speakers will take you to the next level.

Very quickly, they will introduce you to the funniest slang expressions and the most interesting idioms. Not only will this boost your knowledge of English but it’s also a very entertaining way to learn a language. Get motivation. These great interactions with people will definitely inspire you to go further. You will also start to improve your flow and your pronunciation, and this will start a virtuous circle that will push you to go even further. Build unshakable confidence.

After a while, speaking English will become second nature. Even if it’s not perfect you will be able to: have friends from every country, travel the world, benefit from better professional prospects, welcome foreigners to your place and maybe make some money with Airbnb, be an awesome person!

Well I really hope I’ve convinced you to get started because this is something that has changed the life of everyone here at MosaLingua. And we really want you to experience the same thing. If you’re ready to go for it, we are definitely here to help you and this will come sooner than you think! Wow, that was me talking to you in a foreign language.

As you probably guessed by my accent I’m French, and you know what? I really had good fun speaking to you in English too. And if you enjoyed this video on how speaking English is fun, give it a like and more importantly: subscribe to our channel for more language learning tips with MosaLingua. Happy learning and see you soon!