The TOEIC speaking section aims to evaluate different aspects of your speaking abilities, such as the use of grammar, pronunciation and your proficiency with vocabulary.

The TOEIC speaking section consists of 11 speaking tasks:

  • Questions 1-2: Reading a text
  • Question 3: Describing a picture
  • Questions 4-6: Responding to questions
  • Questions 7-9: Responding to questions using information provided
  • Questions 10: Proposing a solution
  • Question 11: Expressing an opinion

Updated: 31/07/16


How to Succeed on the TOEIC Speaking Section

Here are some general tips that will deliver results:

  • Speak as clearly as possible. Even if you have an accent, the most important thing is to speak clearly. Remember that you will not be in front of an examiner while you’re speaking. The only information the examiner will have is going to come from your voice.


  • Practice speaking with a native. Find a qualified English native speaker (maybe a teacher or tutor) online or in your area and get used to talking about TOEIC-related subjects in English.


  • Practice speaking English alone. During this section of the exam, you will be speaking alone. You must be comfortable with this and also with recording your answers with limited time.


  • Do not use slang, and only use your best grammar. Some examinees become used to speaking informally with friends; leave this type of English far from the TOEIC exam!


  • Practice in a noisy environment. To be sure you will be confident speaking English in a noisy room with other students, turn on the radio or TV and speak English at the same time. It will train you to stay focused on your own voice.



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