The 10 Most Popular French “Verlan” Words – Secret French Slang (Video)

Hey, this is Cédric from MosaLingua! Today I'm going to reveal "verlan" slang expressions so you can sound cooler when you speak French."Verlan" is when word's syllables get switched. "Verlan" is slang for "l'envers" (backwards). Here's how the word was formed: "verlan" : l'envers <=> … [Read more...]

French Slang Words to Sound Like a Native (Video)

Want to sound more native-like when you speak in French? The key is not to sound like you're reading out of a dictionary. Cedric from MosaLingua, brings you some essential French slang words to sound more like a native and less like a novice when you're speaking to your French friends.French … [Read more...]

Bon Appétit! The Foods You NEED to Try in France

France is, arguably, the food capital of the world. Many of the world's greatest chefs and their Michelin-starred restaurants make their home in France. Regional differences and specialties make for a wide culinary spread, and it's all delicious. French food is exotic, refined, and also notoriously … [Read more...]

Ones to Avoid, Ones That Will Trick You, Ones That You’ll Never be Able to Pronounce: The Most Annoying French Words

French is a beautiful language. French is romantic, sexy even. Knowing French opens doors to parts of Europe, Africa, North America, and even Oceania and the Middle East. Being able to put French on your resumé can help you get a great job. But let's face it: French can also be incredibly … [Read more...]

The 10 Most Difficult Languages to Learn

Especially on this blog, we like to talk about the easiest languages to learn. Like Spanish, for example. The fact that it has some common roots with English, relatively simple syntax and grammar, and straightforward pronunciation rules makes it attractive for Anglophones. But we also know that … [Read more...]

French Children’s Books for the Whole Family

Reading is one of the fundamental skills for learning a foreign language. And French children's books are a great place to start when teaching your kids, or learning as a family. We explain why kids books are so helpful, and suggest a few of our favorites to get you started. Bonne lecture! French … [Read more...]

Language Similarities: Just How Close are English and French?

What are the language similarities between English and French? There are many similar languages and if you are a student of English or French you may have noticed some commonalities here and there.  Their origins are not the same and yet they seem to have many aspects in common.  What … [Read more...]

Survival Guide for the Olympic Games

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro. It will be the 28th edition, as the first Olympics were organized in 1896.  This year's Olympics have many firsts. They will be the first Olympic Games in history to be held in South America. Additionally, despite being the summer games, the … [Read more...]

Mezzofanti Guild Review of Our Apps

We are excited to be cited as the best language learning app by The Mezzofanti Guild! This site is run by Polyglot, Donovan Nagel, whose created a fantastic site for language learning and proven strategies to learn languages. Nagel included us in his language learning resources for French, Italian, … [Read more...]

The Character of Languages (and Their Speakers)

A very interesting characteristics about languages is how they sound. You can say something about how a language sounds even if you don’t speak it. Not only this, but you can also tell how this language makes you feel and make assumptions on the person speaking the language. This leads to us to … [Read more...]