German Slang Words To Sound Like A Native (Video)

Hi! It's Laura from MosaLingua. Today I'm going to talk about 15 German slang words.German Slang Words To Sound Like A Native (Video) Wie geht's dir + Wie geht es ihnen + Alles fit + Alles klar Of course, you probably already know some, like "Wie geht's dir?" or "Wie geht es Ihnen?" which … [Read more...]

Interview with Gabriel Gelman: Learning Two Similar Languages at the Same Time, Polyglot Gathering ’17 (Video)

Check out this interview between MosaLingua's co-founder Luca Sadurny and German blogger and YouTuber, Gabriel Gelman, which took place at the Polyglot Gathering! The focus of which is whether or not it's possible to learn two languages at once? Find out if it's a good idea now!Interview with … [Read more...]

The 10 Most Difficult Languages to Learn

Especially on this blog, we like to talk about the easiest languages to learn. Like Spanish, for example. The fact that it has some common roots with English, relatively simple syntax and grammar, and straightforward pronunciation rules makes it attractive for Anglophones. But we also know that … [Read more...]

How to Learn German Quickly And Easily – 5 Tips to Speak German in no Time

German is one of the most compelling languages to learn for several reasons, including that Germany is an economic powerhouse and German is an easier language to learn. If you are starting your journey of learning German, then  you may not know where to start. That's why Cedric has put together this … [Read more...]

Olly Richards YouTube Review

Olly Richards, famous polyglot who knows eight languages and founder of I Will Teach You a Language recently had a chance to review our apps. In his language learning program he answers such questions as the best way to master a foreign language, why some people learn a language much easier than … [Read more...]

Survival Guide for the Olympic Games

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro. It will be the 28th edition, as the first Olympics were organized in 1896.  This year's Olympics have many firsts. They will be the first Olympic Games in history to be held in South America. Additionally, despite being the summer games, the … [Read more...]

Mezzofanti Guild Review of Our Apps

We are excited to be cited as the best language learning app by The Mezzofanti Guild! This site is run by Polyglot, Donovan Nagel, whose created a fantastic site for language learning and proven strategies to learn languages. Nagel included us in his language learning resources for French, Italian, … [Read more...]

Languages and career: is there a link?

What do languages and careers have to do with each other? We already know that the advantages of multilingualism are numerous. Indeed, there is a higher chance of making friends, traveling can become easier and it can even help to delay Alzheimer's disease ... But what if there was also an economic … [Read more...]

The Best English to German Dictionary Available on the Internet

Having a good translation dictionary on hand amongst other language learning resources is a must for anyone who is trying to become fluent in a foreign dialect, whether they are at the beginning or advanced stages of doing so. With the introduction of the Internet, this has never been easier, as … [Read more...]

The Character of Languages (and Their Speakers)

A very interesting characteristics about languages is how they sound. You can say something about how a language sounds even if you don’t speak it. Not only this, but you can also tell how this language makes you feel and make assumptions on the person speaking the language. This leads to us to … [Read more...]