5 Tips on How to Learn Languages for Free!

Whether it’s heading off to study abroad, taking private lessons with a language tutor, or planning to live in another country, there are several ways to learn a new language. Though there are many different tools, some are not always adaptable or manageable for everyone. Luckily, we live in an era … [Read more...]

How to perfect your accent with new media

It’s not at all uncommon for someone to focus so much on learning the details of a language -vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure,  - that they forget about the accent, the overall sound of the language itself as it trips off the tongue. Of course, knowing your vocabulary and your … [Read more...]

5 Useful French Phrases to Expand Your Conversations

As I mentioned in my post on slang expressions in French, I wanted to create a new article on more standard speech and the most useful French phrases, period. But instead of going over one-size-fits-all sentences or simple travel phrases, this article will help you explain yourself further and … [Read more...]

Learn Languages with Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Amazon's new tablet, the Kindle Fire, has shown to be a good tool for learning languages. The biggest advantage to this reader is that it allows you to access numerous resources by working with various applications connected to the Internet.While reading a book in English and listening to the … [Read more...]

Why Travel? The Benefits of Traveling the World and How Anyone Can Do It

Why travel? Have you ever asked yourself this question? For me, traveling is of such importance that I see it as instinctual and necessary. Here are some of the advantages of traveling:Learn LanguagesI won't spend too much time on this, since if you follow our blog, you must already be … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Way to Learn a Language?

What's the best way to learn another language? (and other popular questions.........!)Last month we asked James to write about failing his French GCSE at 16 and how 14 years later, he managed to teach himself Spanish in less than 7 months.We're always receiving emails, not only with … [Read more...]

Best Spanish Movies with Subtitles to Help You Learn Spanish

Watching Spanish movies with English subtitles to improve your SpanishWho said learning a language had to be tedious and boring? Watching movies in their original version is a fun and effective way to improve your Spanish, especially your oral comprehension. Below I've compiled a list of the … [Read more...]