The Best Websites for Learning a Language with Music

Using music to learn languages can be a fun and effective method which will help you memorize phrases and expressions. It will also help your pronunciation and oral comprehension.In a previous article, I outlined 5 easy steps to using music as a fun and powerful tool to learn a … [Read more...]

The Best, Free Podcasts for Learning Spanish and Listening to Slow Spanish News

Podcasts (along with subtitled films and series) are a great tool for language learning, by listening to Spanish conversations at a slow pace as well as slow Spanish news, podcasts are especially useful for improving your oral comprehension. When it comes to memorization, however, podcasts aren't as … [Read more...]

The Best Books to Read to Improve Your Spanish, French, and German

Following our previous article explaining the language-learning method of reading foreign-language books in their original version, we’re listing—as promised—our recommendations for original-version's of the best books to read.You can choose books based on language, subject matter, and/or … [Read more...]

How Reading Helps You Improve Your Foreign Language Skills

How can you learn to write well? How can you enrich your vocabulary? How can you improve your ability to express ideas and concepts? How can you improve your language skills while having fun and enjoying yourself at the same time?If you want to improve your foreign language skills, the best … [Read more...]

5 Simple Tips to Immerse Yourself in Your Target Language

As you’ve heard many times before, you have to practise what you learn; otherwise, there’s little point in learning it at all. However, how can you practise when you have a packed schedule and you’re making the most of your free time? (You already review vocabulary during your daily commute, … [Read more...]

How Music and Learning go Hand in Hand in Becoming Fluent

It’s a well-known fact that music and learning go hand in hand and can be an effective tool for learning a foreign language. Like original-version films, song lyrics are a good source of vocabulary and expressions that you can memorize—and have fun doing so. Furthermore, listening to or humming … [Read more...]