How to Read a Book in a Foreign Language (Video)

Hi there! This is Cedric from MosaLingua. I hope you're doing well! In today's video,  I will share my advice on how to start reading a book in a foreign language. Let's go! How to Read a Book in a Foreign LanguageHow to Read a Book in a Foreign Language (Video)How to Read a Book in a … [Read more...]

Why Learning a New Language Should be Your New Year’s Resolution

Christmas has come and gone in a blink of an eye, but the holidays aren't quite over yet! It's time to look back on 2017 and reflect on all that you've accomplished and think about the future and what you wish to see in it. Would you like to lose weight and eat healthy? Read more books? Or work to … [Read more...]

Learn a Language by Reading Comics

Reading, or better reading accompanied by audio (audiobook) is a great way to improve your language skills. We have already written several articles on reading, including a selection of books in several languages. However, we have not talked enough about comics. Comics offer a reading model suitable … [Read more...]

Your Personal Language Coach to Learn a Language (MosaLingua App Video)

MosaLingua is proud to announce that our new promo video has been released! We're very happy because we think it reflects how far we've come as a company. It's been a few years now since we got our start and we've added many innovations, new languages and new ways to learn languages.  Please let us … [Read more...]

Things That Stop Mattering When You Start Learning a Language

Learning a language is empowering, sexy, enjoyable, interesting, worldly... And maybe most of all, learning a language is liberating.Picking up a new language frees you from the shackles and constraints of being monolingual. You'll have access to the knowledge and information in countless books, … [Read more...]

How to Practice a Foreign Language Without Moving Abroad (Video)

There's a misconception that you need to move abroad in order to learn a language. Of course it helps to do so, but sometimes that's just not possible, whether because of work, family or another preoccupation. Not to worry though, just because you can't live abroad at the moment, doesn't mean you … [Read more...]

How to Study Languages by Deconstructing Them

Not to seem boastful, but here, at MosaLingua, we know a thing or two about how to study languages and there's a reason why we often speak about the fact that you should be efficient in your approach to learning a language. As we've already said, you should always optimize language learning with the … [Read more...]

Expert Interview With Benny Lewis on How to Learn a Language Quickly

We are very excited that MosaLingua's Samuel had the chance to interview Benny Lewis. Benny is a famous language expert, polyglot and globetrotter from Ireland that has spent the last ten years  on a mission in order to prove that anyone can learn a language quickly. The interview was recorded in … [Read more...]

Olly Richards YouTube Review

Olly Richards, famous polyglot who knows eight languages and founder of I Will Teach You a Language recently had a chance to review our apps. In his language learning program he answers such questions as the best way to master a foreign language, why some people learn a language much easier than … [Read more...]

The Right and Wrong Ways to Learn a New Language

With around six thousand languages spoken in the world, discovering and learning a second or third language is a common occurrence. From school programs to personal preferences, various reasons and contexts arise for new learners to get started and with the development of mobile applications, … [Read more...]