English Speakers in the World–Who are the Best and Worst Students?

We all know just how prevelant the English language is in the world. However, did you know that 1 in 4 people speak it? That's 1.5 billion people! That being said, most of those people know English as their second (or third or fourth) language! We are sure that there are plenty of facts that you do … [Read more...]

10 Must-Follow Pinterest Accounts for Language Learning

Were you recently inspired to learn a new language? While learning a new language is fun and exciting, it can also be intimidating. Not only do you have to memorize tons of vocabulary words, but you also have to master pronunciation and complex grammar rules. Luckily, there are a ton of language … [Read more...]

A Practical Approach to Learn Grammar

When learning a new language, at what point do we start to learn grammar (our arch nemesis)? Here are some tips to help you learn grammar. Unfortunately, there is no method or ideal approach since everything depends on the objectives, time and preferences. I'm not claiming that these tips are the … [Read more...]

Are Women Better At Language Learning Than Men?

"Women are literary and men are mathematical", "Women have better communication skills than men", "Women are more gifted than men in language learning"...Seeing these often-cited statements might not surprise you, since they're things we get used to hearing. And there is a MULTITUDE … [Read more...]

How to Achieve Your Goals and Learn a Language This Year

Around this time, it's important to take inventory on the past year, even more so when you are making new goals for the year to come. All of us at one time or another have tried to seize the opportunity of a new year to change something about our lives only to realize weeks or even days later that, … [Read more...]

How to Meet Native Speakers in Your City for Practice

When you're studying a foreign language, you must speak the language if you want to improve, but some people find it difficult to find somebody to practice with. In the end, this can lead to discouragement, and some may decide to give up the idea altogether.(Photo Credit (DC): Drapeaux … [Read more...]

When and How to Learn Grammar

The matter of when and how to learn grammar is a defining characteristic of each method to learn a foreign language:• On one hand, high school and university courses place a lot of focus on grammar rules. Typically you will start to learn grammar within the first week or two of classes.• On … [Read more...]

5 Tips on Successfully Planning Your Foreign Language Study

People of all ages take up learning a foreign language, whether by taking courses or by teaching themselves. There are, of course, tons of reasons to learn  a foreign language. Contrary to popular belief, you can learn a language at any age--and every age has its own advantages and … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Way to Learn a Language?

What's the best way to learn another language? (and other popular questions.........!)Last month we asked James to write about failing his French GCSE at 16 and how 14 years later, he managed to teach himself Spanish in less than 7 months.We're always receiving emails, not only with … [Read more...]

Why MosaLingua is Not a Game to Learn a Language

I’m a huge fan of learning languages through play. Some people play “serious games” for all sorts of educational purposes. The idea is to play a video game and learn at the same time. As a former gamer, I love this idea. So, I’ve tested many language-learning games and, honestly, either the game is … [Read more...]