Comparing Duolingo and MosaLingua: what is the best app to learn a language?

Duolingo is a very popular app that you most certainly know. Today we decided to write this article comparing Dueling and MosaLingua, because we recently discovered that many of our users have been also trying Duolingo. Many of you actually use MosaLingua at the same time as Duolingo, or have used … [Read more...]

MosaLingua on Flipboard

Here at MosaLingua, we're excited to announce a new platform where we get to share our most useful tips and tricks to become fluent in a second language! Flipboard allows us to curate our own online magazines filled with our own useful articles, as well as the ones we find online!Whether … [Read more...]

How to Make a Language Study Plan and Stick to it

Planning isn’t something that comes naturally to me. In fact, I actively dislike even the idea of making a plan to do something.Whenever I get a flash of great inspiration to do something, I want to do it right away. _"Diet starts today"_: I'd better go and buy all of the salad the supermarket … [Read more...]

MosaLingua Reaches 2 Million Users: Looking Back on 2016 and Forward to 2017

We are very excited to announce that on December 23rd MosaLingua surpassed 2 million downloads. It was an extraordinary achievement for everyone involved in our wonderful adventure! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal users for their commitment, which encourages us to strive … [Read more...]

How Regularity Will Make You a Smarter Language Learner (Video)

We have another language hack to bring you, this time with MosaLingua's Cedric! He presents his thoughts on regularity and the key to achieving fluency! In this video, Cedric will give you his tips on how to maintain a regular schedule when studying a language. Make sure to follow along with these … [Read more...]

The Best Resources for Learning Japanese

Yes, it's official: we are interested in the Japanese language! Indeed, learning Japanese is one of my lifelong dreams and I can not help but imagine there will one day be a MosaLingua app for the language. Until the release of this app (not planned for now), we searched the web to advise you on the … [Read more...]

MosaLingua TOEFL and TOEIC apps featured on the App Store

Our MosaLingua TOEIC and TOEFL apps are featured on the App Store in the United States and United Kingdom! The latest update has shot us to the top of the list for the best apps of 2016. Our hard work to improve and help those who wish to learn English and get back on track of their learning goals … [Read more...]

Presenting the New Version of MosaLingua

With the start of September, we're so excited to present the new version of MosaLingua! After the great feedback we received from our last update, we wanted to come back with an even more exciting update! That's why we created a free update that includes the ability to use MosaLingua hands … [Read more...]

The Final List of English Irregular Verbs – Free eBook

It is already September! For some that means heading back to school. While others feel nostalgia for the years spent in a classroom among their peers. However, among the good memories there are some that might leave a bitter taste in your mouth. For instance, the infamously difficult list of … [Read more...]

The Right and Wrong Ways to Learn a New Language

With around six thousand languages spoken in the world, discovering and learning a second or third language is a common occurrence. From school programs to personal preferences, various reasons and contexts arise for new learners to get started and with the development of mobile applications, … [Read more...]