Certificates, Challenges and More… (Video)

Dear MosaLingua friends I really hope you are doing well and that you are motivated to make great language progress. Today I’d like to share with you some news about what we’ve been working on lately and what to start looking forward to. Let’s start with some good news: you can now redeem your … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Not Be a Tourist

The summer vacation season is coming to a close, and depending where you live, that may come as a big relief. You'll finally get your favorite table back at the coffee shop you go to every morning, prices will drop back down to normal, and you'll be able to walk down the sidewalk in peace without … [Read more...]

Is Russian Hard? An Honest Look at a Mysterious Language

Is Russian hard? Three little words, with such vast meaning, and such a complex answer. If you're looking for a simple "yes" or a "no," I'm sorry to say that this might not be the article for you. However, I will say that we don't believe that Russian is THE most difficult language to learn. (Find … [Read more...]

Tips to Learn Russian You Can Actually Use

Приве́т! Have you downloaded the new MosaLingua Russian app? Are you ready to get started? Follow these tips to learn Russian and give yourself the best chance for success. … [Read more...]

Fluent in Three Months’ Review of MosaLingua

Benny Lewis is a self-titled fun-loving Irish guy. Not only does he travel the world full time as a best selling author, but he also is fluent in speaking seven languages. He is the founder of Fluent in Three Months, a website and book dedicated to helping people learn a language by not being scared … [Read more...]

English to Russian: How Great are the Linguistic Differences Between these Two Languages?

With the release of the latest MosaLingua English to Russian app (download it today if you haven't already!) many users may be feeling excited, intrigued, but somewhat nervous. You may have heard rumors about how hard it is to learn Russian, especially as an Anglophone. Though there are lots of … [Read more...]

8 Russian Idioms to Prepare You for the MosaLingua Russian App Launch

Happy with the MosaLingua language learning apps you already have, but ready for a new challenge? We personally can't wait for the launch of our Russian app later this week! The team has been working hard on it, developing the most useful content, fun bonus items, and even a lesson that will teach … [Read more...]

Vitória Fácil: 3 Reasons Why the Portuguese Language is Easy to Learn

Between the 2014 World Cup soccer championship and the 2016 Olympics, you might say that the Brazilian Portuguese language has experienced somewhat of a boom in recent years... Portugal and Brazil are both beautiful and culturally-rich tourist destinations. And Portuguese is also an important … [Read more...]

Things That Stop Mattering When You Start Learning a Language

Learning a language is empowering, sexy, enjoyable, interesting, worldly... And maybe most of all, learning a language is liberating.Picking up a new language frees you from the shackles and constraints of being monolingual. You'll have access to the knowledge and information in countless books, … [Read more...]

Comparing Duolingo and MosaLingua: what is the best app to learn a language?

Duolingo is a very popular app that you most certainly know. Today we decided to write this article comparing Duolingo and Mosalingua, because we recently discovered that many of our users have been also trying Duolingo. Many of you actually use MosaLingua at the same time as Duolingo, or have used … [Read more...]