Seven Original Methods to Learn a Language

To have any hopes at learning a language, our motivation needs to be kept high. This is one of the biggest facts I've been able to observe, yet it's one I often forget. The problem is that motivation eventually dwindles over time, regardless of how strong it was in the beginning. I look at it this … [Read more...]

The Best Podcasts for Learning Italian

A wonderful way to learn foreign languages, as we've pointed out in other posts, is listening to podcasts in the language you're studying. Luckily, if you're learning Italian, there are numerous podcasts you can discover online. To help out, we've dug up some great websites for you. We hope you find … [Read more...]

The Best Free Resources to Practice French

If you're currently learning French and are looking for resources to improve your writing, vocabulary and comprehension, or if you are simply looking to entertain yourself, this article itself will be a great resource for you. Below, you'll find our list of the best free resources to learn and … [Read more...]

The Best Podcasts for Learning German

There are plenty of sites that stream podcasts for learning German. Deutsche Welle, a German media company dedicated to the German language, broadcasts over four television stations and streams several podcasts to help people learn German.Updated: 30/06/2016 Beginning Level Podcasts for … [Read more...]

Best French Podcasts to Learn French

Whether you're at work or home eating dinner, you can work on your French by listening to some of the best French podcasts available. Audio can be hard since you don't have facial expressions, body language, or text in front of you to use as context clues. But they are doable. If you consistently … [Read more...]

Learn Languages with Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Amazon's new tablet, the Kindle Fire, has shown to be a good tool for learning languages. The biggest advantage to this reader is that it allows you to access numerous resources by working with various applications connected to the Internet.While reading a book in English and listening to the … [Read more...]

The Best, Free Podcasts for Learning Spanish and Listening to Slow Spanish News

Podcasts (along with subtitled films and series) are a great tool for language learning, by listening to Spanish conversations at a slow pace as well as slow Spanish news, podcasts are especially useful for improving your oral comprehension. When it comes to memorization, however, podcasts aren't as … [Read more...]