13 Portuguese Slang Words to Speak Like a Brazilian

Usually when a person learns a language they do so in the traditional means, which causes them to sound a bit robotic and unnatural. An easy remedy to this is to learn some slang words so that you can speak more like a native person. This is definitely the case for the Portuguese language, in which … [Read more...]

Learn a New Language to Prepare Yourself For a Humanitarian Mission Abroad

Helping others, working while being immersed in another culture for the purpose of learning, personal development, exchanging, discovering, sharing your knowledge...Many are the reasons that motivate young people to seek humanitarian jobs and volunteer with humanitarian missions abroad. And, … [Read more...]

Easter Traditions in different countries and languages

There are many customs and Easter traditions celebrated around the world. Some customs are similar to each other while some differ greatly. However and wherever you celebrate, Easter traditions are all meant in good fun. Keep reading to learn how people coming from different parts of the world … [Read more...]

Interview of Kyaw, a MosaLingua superuser from Myanmar

A little while ago, we received a message from a user who was eager to know what other languages would be soon available at MosaLingua. After we exchanged a few lines with him, we found out he was from Myanmar and a huge fan of MosaLingua. However, it was when he thanked us for making it possible … [Read more...]

MosaLingua Learn Brazilian Portuguese is available on AppStore, Google Play and Amazon App-Shop

Finally our new application to learn Portuguese from Brazil is ready! You will be able to prepare yourself for next year World Cup. ;-) It took us quite a while so we are really happy to announce MosaLingua Learn Brazilian Portuguese is available on AppStore, Google Play and Amazon App-Shop.You … [Read more...]

11 Great Reasons to Learn Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese isn’t just a magnificent language, it’s also becoming increasingly useful and sought after at the professional level. As you may already know, I’m currently learning Portuguese. Why? Because I adore its musicality and have fallen in love with Brazil and its culture (in … [Read more...]