Is Russian Hard? An Honest Look at a Mysterious Language

Is Russian hard? Three little words, with such vast meaning, and such a complex answer. If you're looking for a simple "yes" or a "no," I'm sorry to say that this might not be the article for you. However, I will say that we don't believe that Russian is THE most difficult language to learn. (Find … [Read more...]

5 YouTube English Channels to Become Fluent in English

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The Best English to German Dictionary Available on the Internet

Having a good translation dictionary on hand amongst other language learning resources is a must for anyone who is trying to become fluent in a foreign dialect, whether they are at the beginning or advanced stages of doing so. With the introduction of the Internet, this has never been easier, as … [Read more...]

10 Must-Follow Pinterest Accounts for Language Learning

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Learning Russian or Chinese? Take a Look at Our New Resource Pages

Since we've created MosaLingua, other languages are regularly added to the list of our available apps. Thanks to their success, numerous MosaLingua users regularly ask us if our application will be made for other languages. Among these requests, we very quickly realized that Russian and Chinese were … [Read more...]

Online learning: How to Avoid Some Common Traps

Like 98% of young people today, you own a smartphone, a tablet or a computer? Or even the three devices? Then you are more and more tempted to complete your lessons or revise for your exams on a digital device. For sure, you already used these digital devices to learn, improve or revise.In order … [Read more...]

List of the Most Common Words in Spanish, French, Italian and others

In my series of articles on optimizing your language learning, and after speaking of pedagogical and memorization techniques, I would now like to elaborate on a subject I've brought up bef0re: The importance of learning vocabulary based upon a list of the most common words. What I mean to say is … [Read more...]

The Best Free Resources to Practice French

If you're currently learning French and are looking for resources to improve your writing, vocabulary and comprehension, or if you are simply looking to entertain yourself, this article itself will be a great resource for you. Below, you'll find our list of the best free resources to learn and … [Read more...]

The Best Free Online Dictionaries to Help You Improve Your English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese

One of the most basic yet fundamental tools for learning a language is the good old dictionary. Whether online or in print, dictionaries provide you descriptions of a word's meaning and explains how it is used in a sentence. Rather than lugging around a heavy paper copy, you can access tons of free … [Read more...]