It is an unavoidable step if you want to work in an English-speaking country or for an international company. It might seem scary… but if you know how to prepare for one, you’ll be surprised how well your interview goes!

The 10 Best Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview in English

Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview in English (Transcript)

1. Study Possible Questions/ Typical Answers

In nearly any job interview, you’ll be asked a lot of the same questions...Study these, and start thinking about how you might respond. Here are a few questions that always come up: “Why did you apply for this job?”. “Tell us about yourself” “Why should we hire you?”. 

2. Visit Your Potential Employer’s Website

Getting to know the company is the least you can do…The company’s name (and correct spelling), values, goals…All of this information can easily be found on the web!

3. Memorize Field-Specific Vocabulary

Marketing, accounting, human resources…Learn the key vocab in your field so that you can explain your answers in detail and show that you are dedicated!

4. Record a Mock Interview

Then, listen back to yourself speak, improve your pronunciation and correct your mistakes. Being well prepared is the most important thing for any job interview (and in any language!).

5. Day of: Stay Calm and Concentrate

You’ve worked hard preparing for this day… So there’s no point in stressing out: you are ready for this! Ask your interviewer to repeat themselves if you don’t understand. It’s better to ask them to repeat a question than to provide an off-topic answer…Reformulate the question to make sure you’ve understood and show that you were listening. Your interviewer will be impressed by your concentration and professionalism!

6. Speak Slowly

Develop well-structured sentences and make the most of your non-verbal communication skills if you have trouble remembering what to say.

7. Be Concise

You’ve already prepared your answers…So focus on responding clearly and succinctly: don’t ramble, you might seem scatterbrained or disorganized.

8. Use Simple Words and Sentences.

It’s better to use simple words and be easily understood, than to try and construct complex sentences in this case… stick to what you know!

9. Prepare a Few Questions for Your Interviewer

Asking 2-3 questions at the end of the interview will show that you are truly interested in the job, leaving the interviewer with a good impression of you. Some examples: “How many other candidates will you be interviewing for this position?” “How soon do you expect to make a decision?”Do you have a training and development program? Don’t let your English skills hold you back from any great career opportunities!

Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview in English (Video)