Listening to Spanish podcasts is an amazing way to practice your Spanish skills. Podcasts are convenient, fun, and usually free. You can quickly improve your Spanish listening comprehension skills by incorporating a few minutes of Spanish podcasts into your day. We’ve gathered our favorite Spanish podcasts for all levels of learners, from beginner to advanced. We hope you find a new favorite!

Last Updated: 04/09/2024

best spanish podcasts for learning

What’s inside…

But first…how can you learn with Spanish podcasts?

  • Slow it down. If it’s still difficult for you to understand spoken Spanish, there’s no shame in using your podcast platform to slow it down to .75x or .5x speed.
  • Listen twice. Listen once actively and once passively. On your first listen, be sure you’re paying attention and doing your best to understand what is being said. Then, listen again as you do chores around the house or drive. You’ll pick up things the second time that you struggled with or missed the first time, which will help them sink in–and you’ll also feel accomplished!
  • Read along with the transcript as you listen. Doing this helps you actively listen and comprehend what you’re hearing. A few of the podcasts we mention below include transcripts for a price, and a couple even include free transcripts, so take advantage of that!
  • Take notes as you listen, then write or speak a summary of the podcast episode. This is an awesome learning activity that will really sharpen both your passive listening skills and your active language production (writing and speaking) skills.


Spanish Podcasts for Beginners

LightSpeed Spanish

the-best-spanish-podcasts-for-learning-mosalinguaLightSpeed Spanish offers podcasts divided into four different levels, so you can listen to the content that suits you! Beginners all the way up to advanced learners can enjoy the LightSpeed Spanish podcast. The podcasts are hosted by an English-speaking man and a Spanish-speaking woman.

In the first few lessons, you will hear a lot more English (British) than Spanish, which isn’t great for immersion but could be helpful for true beginners. They teach all of the basics: time, grammar, vocabulary, etc. Unfortunately, they haven’t released new episodes in several years, but there’s enough old content to keep you busy for a while. Plus, they also have a YouTube channel that they post on regularly.

iTunes – YouTube – Website


Spanish Obsessed

the-best-spanish-podcasts-for-learning-mosalingua A podcast from a husband-and-wife team, Spanish Obsessed has episodes for learners at every level. Rob (who is English) and Lis (who is Colombian) discuss general interest topics and even interview other Spanish speakers, so you’ll be exposed to various Spanish accents. The super helpful thing about this podcast is that it’s technically three different podcasts: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Level. So, wherever you are in your Spanish learning journey, there’s an episode for you!

WebsiteApple PodcastSpotify


Notes in Spanish

listen to spanishGood progressive courses. The only downside is that there is much more English than Spanish at the beginner level. So if you’re also learning English and are good at multitasking, this is a good one for you! However, learning or reviewing two languages at the same time isn’t optimal. We don’t recommend it because you run the risk of getting pretty mixed up. On the other hand, the upper levels (intermediate and advanced) offer more Spanish than English. This is a good thing if you already have a level that allows you to listen mostly in Spanish!

iTunes: BeginnerIntermediateAdvancedWebsite


Coffee Break Spanish

coffebreak logo coffee cupThis Spanish podcast includes a large number of 15- to 20-minute lessons for beginners. A Spanish teacher and another Spanish student like you host the show. Their content is cumulative, so you should start at the beginning and listen in order. When they aren’t speaking Spanish, they speak English with a nice Scottish accent 😉

(04/07/2018 update) You now have to pay for content and lessons on this site. You’ll find content from this Spanish podcast for free on iTunes, but not everything is free.

iOS PodcastWebsite


Spanish with Vicente

spanish with vicente podcast logoHe’s fairly new to the podcasting scene, but Vicente has one of the best Spanish-language podcasts out there, in our opinion! He doesn’t talk too slowly, so it isn’t painful for B1-B2 level learners. But he speaks quickly enough that it’s a challenge for A1-A2 learners.

For true beginners, it might be a good idea to get a subscription to his Academia de Español Online (about 10 bucks a month). That way, you have access to transcripts and other learning material to support your listening comprehension practice.

iTunes – Official WebsiteYouTube



the-best-spanish-podcasts-for-learning-mosalinguaLanguaTalk is a great resource for false beginner to intermediate-level learners. Hosts Rocío and Jesús cover a variety of different content, ranging from broad topics like “Art” and “Fashion” to personal stories about their own lives and adventures. Often, there is a focus on Spanish and Hispanophone subjects. Every episode comes with a transcript that you can follow along or reference as needed. There is also a vocabulary list available at the end that provides definitions for specialized terms.

WebsiteSpotifyApple Podcasts


Spanish Podcasts for Intermediate Learners

StoryLearning Spanish

story learning spanish podcast logoOlly Richards, the mastermind behind the StoryLearning Spanish podcast, calls it “a fun, brain-friendly way to improve your Spanish fast.” And we agree! The story is entertaining and the episodes are short (7-8 minutes, including two repetitions of the actual story). That makes this podcast an easy way to work Spanish practice into your daily routine.

The writer and host, Sofía, is from Argentina, and the narrator is from Spain, so you get exposure to two different Spanish accents. We love that they give the text and important words for free along with the podcast (which some other podcasts make you pay for).

There is even extra free content on the StoryLearning Spanish Instagram to help you really immerse yourself in the story and the language.



Radio Ambulante

radio ambulante logoAs far as Spanish journalism podcasts for learners go, Radio Ambulante is by far our favorite. It’s by NPR (American National Public Radio), and the quality of the stories they produce is outstanding. They have also developed an educational app to go with the podcast, perfect for people who are just beginning their Spanish journey and want to immerse themselves in the language with interesting stories instead of just learning “Hola, ¿cómo estás?” The app lets you slow the audio down without distortion, read along with the transcript, and learn important vocab.

iTunesWebsiteLupa App



the-best-spanish-podcasts-for-learning-mosalingua Husband and wife team Andrea, from Colombia, and Nate, from the United States, teamed up to make this podcast specifically for upper-intermediate learners. Since Andrea is a native Spanish speaker and Nate is learning Spanish as a second language, this podcast offers both a native and a learner perspective. Their chemistry is cute, and the podcast is so enjoyable to listen to that you’ll forget you’re learning.

They tell stories about their lives in clear and accessible Spanish, and they also make episodes about Spanish grammar and tips for improving your Spanish. Recent episodes have covered common Latin American expressions and common mistakes that Spanish learners make when they speak. With an archive of more than 400 episodes, there’s plenty of material to dive into.

WebsiteApple PodcastsSpotify


Unlimited Spanish by Oscar

unlimited spanish podcast logo

On his website, Unlimited Spanish, Oscar offers Spanish lessons in the form of podcasts. You’ll find lots of free lessons on different topics, whether you’re more interested in news or tips about grammar, syntax or vocabulary.

The site currently includes nearly 200 podcasts ranging from 15 to 20 minutes long. That means you have plenty of content to work with! The Spanish they speak is clear (the downside is that it’s not very natural), so it’s accessible to people at a beginner or intermediate level. But a great bonus is that there is a free transcription of every episode on the Unlimited Spanish website.

Official Site


Improve your Spanish listening skills

the-best-spanish-podcasts-for-learning-mosalinguaDo you want to improve your listening comprehension in Spanish?
Good news, we have a course for that! MosaSeries Spanish: El Hombre Sin Nombre. Start your 15-day free trial today and try it risk-free!

MosaSeries is an original and captivating Spanish story divided into short episodes, designed to help you improve your listening skills, broaden your vocabulary, and learn the most important aspects of Spanish grammar.

Try MosaSeries today

No Hay Tos

the-best-spanish-podcasts-for-learning-mosalinguaNo Hay Tos is an awesome mix of informal Spanish conversation (specifically Mexican Spanish) and grammar instruction. Beto and Héctor, who are childhood friends, chat about everything from Spanish grammar points to themes of general interest to personal stories.

The conversations are authentic, and they talk at real speed, which is excellent for improving your Spanish listening comprehension. Beto and Héctor also do not shy away from using slang and swear words, even teaching them to the listener. I love this because many podcasts for learners are overly sterile–and I don’t know about you, but I want to learn real Spanish, not stuffy textbook Spanish!

Episodes are free, but joining their Patreon will get you access to their episode transcripts, plus bonus episodes that usually focus on a tricky aspect of Spanish grammar. This podcast is as fun as it is educational.

WebsiteApple PodcastsSpotify


Español Automático

español automático con karo martínez podcast logoThe Español Automático site has just under 200 podcasts, completely in Spanish. Karo Martínez, the creator of the site and podcasts, offers lessons on some essential points about the Spanish language (such as the tilde and different verb tenses), and also on expressions and vocabulary. A man and a woman host this podcast, and they speak quite naturally. They are also available in video format on the Español Automatíco YouTube channel.

As far as podcasts go, this one is pretty much just bite-sized Spanish lessons, which can sometimes be boring… But not everyone wants to hear about news or “fun” topics when they’re trying to learn Spanish! If you’re looking for a purely educational Spanish podcast, this is a good one.

Website – iTunesYouTube


Español con Juan

the-best-spanish-podcasts-for-learning-mosalingua Juan is a beloved figure in the Spanish learning world, and it’s no wonder why: he’s a blast! He spent years as a professor of Spanish, but did not like the rote style of language learning that he was expected to teach. Nowadays, he dedicates himself to creating fun courses, videos, and other resources to help people learn language in a way that’s natural and engaging.

In his podcast, aimed at intermediate learners, he tells funny stories and discusses topics like leaving your comfort zone or improving your self-esteem. Interestingly, he also makes serious episodes about the history of Spain and Francoism, as he is Spanish. Whether you want to laugh or learn, Español con Juan is a great choice.

WebsiteApple PodcastSpotify


News in Slow Spanish

news in slow logoNews in Slow Spanish is the best Spanish podcast for people who already have an intermediate or even advanced level. It’s not just focused on teaching the language. You actually hear and learn useful, non-linguistic things, in this case a summary of the week’s news. But in a simplified Spanish that is spoken at a slow pace (you probably had already gathered that much from the name!). That said, many news stories are available in both “slow” Spanish and “normal” Spanish to get your ear used to the speed of real speech. Try the slow version first, and then if you feel confident, go ahead with the normal one and see how much you understand.

Another nice thing is that there’s a Spain Spanish version and a Latin American Spanish version, so it covers everyone’s needs! Their website features vocabulary sheets as well as the full text of each news story (plus additional paid content). There are hundreds and hundreds of episodes, so you won’t run out of content any time soon as long as you don’t mind listening to “old” news.

(04/07/2018 update) It seems that the Spanish podcast “News in Slow Spanish” now offers mainly paid content. A subscription to their content library is quite pricy (currently about $23/month). That said, you can still listen to their podcast for free, and the app as well as the official website both have short introductions and explanations of Spanish news for free. Their free content may be enough to review your Spanish… at least it’s a good place to start.

Latino: iOS PodcastAndroid appSpain: iOS / AndroidSpain, Advanced: iOSWebsite


Spanish Podcasts for Advanced Learners

Ted en Español

the-best-spanish-podcasts-for-learning-mosalingua If you’re interested in talks that ponder life’s biggest questions, TED en Español is the podcast for you. Each episode explores a theme that invites deeper questioning and knowledge: the value of preserving languages, the science of time, or how to eradicate poverty. The episodes are rarely longer than fifteen minutes, which makes improving and maintaining your Spanish listening comprehension easy to fit into your day. 

WebsiteApple PodcastSpotify


En Defensa Propia

the-best-spanish-podcasts-for-learning-mosalingua Inspired by her own journey in reinventing herself, Erika de la Vega, a famous broadcast personality and presenter in Latin America, interviews other women about personal development. Topics range from transforming pain into action to leading as a woman. Interviews are especially great for improving listening comprehension because they require you to follow a conversation. These episodes are around an hour each, so this Spanish podcast is a great choice if you want to dig into something a little longer.

WebsiteApple PodcastSpotify


El Gran Apagón

the-best-spanish-podcasts-for-learning-mosalingua What would you do if you woke up and the entire planet was plunged into darkness? What if electricity did not return for days, weeks, or even months? El Gran Apagón is a fictional mockumentary-style podcast that explores the aftermath of an earthwide blackout. The podcast mixes interviews, radio calls, snippets of phone calls, and more to build tension, and it truly feels like you’re learning about a real (terrifying) event. This podcast is best for advanced speakers since the format is complex.

WebsiteApple PodcastsSpotify


Bonus: El Hombre Sin Nombre by MosaLingua

The best thing about listening to podcasts in Spanish is that you can work on your language skills and gain new vocab at the same time. TV and movies are also great for Spanish learners, but they aren’t always easy to follow along with if you don’t know how to approach them. We developed our very own gripping series, and it’s completely in Spanish. It’s addictive (don’t you just love cliffhangers?) and best of all, it will help you improve your Spanish.

It’s about a man who wakes up in a hospital in Barcelona… with no idea who he is or how he got there! Throughout the series’s 27 episodes, you’ll work on your Spanish listening skills, expand your vocabulary, and learn some essential grammar and conjugations. And of course, you’ll learn who “el hombre sin nombre” really is!

More about MosaSeries: El Hombre Sin Nombre

mosaseries spanish el hombre sin nombre


Beyond Spanish Podcasts: Other Ways to Work on Spanish Listening Comprehension

Beginners: Sing

Spanish songs are the perfect tool for people who are just getting started with Spanish. Why?

  1. They’re short, so you will be able to stay focused even if you are having a hard time understanding
  2. They’re super catchy, and you won’t mind listening again and again for practice
  3. It’s easy to find the lyrics so that you can complement your listening practice with reading
  4. They usually contain lots of Spanish slang and idiomatic expressions
  5. There’s a genre and Spanish or Latin American artist for everyone, no matter what your music tastes are like!

If you aren’t quite ready to jump into full-on Spanish, you can start with some “Spanglish” songs (part Spanish, part English!).

Intermediate learners: Watch TV

Maybe karaoke isn’t for you. If you’ve been working hard learning and studying your Spanish flashcards, feel free to move on to a more advanced learning activity.

For intermediate learners, we recommend watching Spanish TV shows or telenovelas. Why? For many of the same reasons that we recommend songs, actually. Episodes are often short, so they retain your attention even if you don’t catch everything the characters say. Plus, you’re sure to find something that gets you hooked since there are Spanish shows in every genre, from comedy to thriller.

Advanced learners: Watch movies

If you’ve conquered songs and TV and are looking for more of a challenge, head over to Netflix to find a great Spanish movie to watch. For about two hours, you’ll be completely immersed in the Spanish language, and will have to rely on your listening skills and context clues to enjoy the action. Here’s a list of our favorite Spanish movies.