A really fun way to learn a language without even realizing you’re learning is by watching TV series. If you’re studying Italian and want to enjoy learning, we’ve picked out some of the best Italian TV series for learning Italian.


Updated: 09/09/2019

Best Children’s TV Show for Learning Italian: A Doctor in the Family 

TV Series for Learning Italian

A Doctor in the Family began in 1998 and it still airs in Italy to this day. Inspired by the Spanish series Médico de familia, it’s gone on to become one of the most famous TV series in Italy.

The show follows the Martini family, composed of Lele Martini (the widowed doctor of the family), his three children and his father. The first season recounts the family’s move to Poggio Fiorito, a neighborhood in Rome, and shows how everybody tries to undertake a new life in a new city after having left behind their friends, colleagues and classmates.

It’s a wonderful TV series for learning Italian, especially since the language is simple and easy to follow. As an added benefit, it’s very entertaining!

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Best Action TV Series for Learning Italian: Inspector Montalbano 

TV Series for Learning Italian

Inspector Montalbano, after its first episode in 1999, is still being broadcast on Italian television. This show is a rendition of the famous Italian author Andrea Camillieri‘s novels, featuring the main character Salvo Montalbano, a police inspector for the fictional city of Vigata, Sicily.

Salvo Montalbano takes the lead in investigating crime mysteries. He is able to reconstruct and solve them thanks to his sharp police instincts and the help of his partners.


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Best Comedic TV Series For Studying Italian: I Cesaroni

TV Series for Learning Italian

I Cesaroni is an Italian TV series first aired in 2006 which follows the ups and downs of the Cesaroni family (heavily inspired by their Spanish counterpart, Los Serrano).

Two ex lovers (Giulio and Lucia) run the Cesaroni family. One day, they find themselves stuck at a traffic light and make a turn towards love. Over time, they end up living together along with the children (his three sons and her two daughters) they had from other partners.

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Best Dramatic TV Series for Italian Learners: Boris

TV Series for Learning Italian

Boris is an Italian TV series which was broadcast from 2007 until 2010. This show tells the story of Alessandro. He’s a young man enamored by showbiz, who got his start as an aide on the program Gli occhi del cuore. But in no time he comes to realize that this world is not as glamorous as he had imagined. And he must cross paths with many difficult people who are out to make his life unbearable.

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Best Older TV Series: Tutti Pazzi Per AmoreTV Series for Learning Italian

Tutti Pazzi Per Amore is an Italian program which ran from 2008 to 2012. It tells the tale of Paolo, a 40-year-old widower who lives with Cristina, his teenage daughter and Laura, a woman who divorced the father of her children after finding out he had been having homosexual affairs.

The two’s paths crossed once Paolo moved into the same building Laura lived in with her children. However bitterly at first, Paulo, Laura and their children who attend the same school, eventually learn to get along with each other.


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Bonus: L’Uomo Senza Nome, a MosaLingua Original

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These are our choices of the best TV series for learning and practicing Italian. Are you familiar with them? Do you like some? If so, or if you know of other Italian TV series, please fill us in in the comments section!