Using music to learn languages can be a fun and effective method which will help you memorize phrases and expressions. It will also help your pronunciation and listening comprehension.

In a previous article, I outlined 5 easy steps to using music as a fun and powerful tool to learn a language.

There are some websites that make it easier by offering free lessons and games to practice your language skills using music. So I decided to analyze some of them for you, here’s a list of the top six:


The Best Websites for Learning a Language with Music

Lyrics Training


For me, this is the best site for learning languages with song lyrics. After choosing one of the many videos available, you must guess the missing words while listening to the music in order to move on to the next part of the song.

If you don’t give the correct answers in time, the music will temporarily stop. This method is quite fun and makes us put in effort to continue listening to the song (and singing along if applicable).

Lyrics Training offers many videos in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Dutch. All languages have 4 different difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. After a free registration, you can accumulate points by completing exercises and climb up the member ranking boards. This healthy competition is yet another method the site uses to keep its users motivated.

Lyrics Gaps


This is another very good site which implements a similar method to Lyrics Training: you must fill in the blanks while watching your chosen video. On easy mode, you are given the chance to choose the correct word out a list of alternatives, while on medium and hard modes, the difficulty is much higher, and you must produce the right answer by yourself.

The music continues even if you haven’t completed the exercise, which makes the activity a little less interactive. The integration of Google tools allows you to look up the definition of a word when you click on it. Unfortunately, some translations, French and English being one example, are not exact or are incorrect. However, it can still be helpful, but personally, I use Lyrics Training. Their videos are the same, but Lyrics Training has better exercises.

the-best-websites-for-learning-a-language-with-music-mosalingua is helpful in that it plays the music and allows you to read the lyrics at the same time. It’s a useful exercise but not very interactive. The main goal of this site is not to help you learn languages, but it can certainly be used as a means to that end. Of course, the first two sites will prove to be more effective tools.

At the moment, most songs are in English, but there are a few in other languages, mostly French and Spanish.


In conclusion, I think Lyrics Training is the best site to help you learn foreign languages, but the other sites are helpful as well, especially for their specific purposes. As you’ve seen, we continually test the best resources available on the net to help you in your task of learning a foreign language.

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