This article will this time explain TOEIC exam structure. It stands for the Test of English for International Communications. Its main goal is to test the English skills of professionals who may want to work in an international environment. Some 5 million people take the exam each year, making it an excellent qualification to have on your resume.

There are actually two different TOEIC tests. They are taken in different manners, have different focuses and must be prepared for differently. In order to help you getting prepared, here below is the TOEIC exam structure explained for you.


The TOEIC exam structure in details


The TOEIC Listening & Reading Test

This is the original TOEIC exam created in the 1970s. This section will test your ability to comprehend information.

The TOEIC Listening & Reading section is a multiple choice test consisting of 200 questions. This section has a time limit of two hours, with 45 minutes devoted to listening and 75 minutes devoted to reading. Both sections have 100 questions each.

This part of the exam is designed to evaluate your ability to understand spoken and written English with a focus on business and international topics. The best score possible for this test is 990 points.


Task Number
of questions
Photographs 10
Question-Response 30
Conversations 30
Short Talks 30



Task Number
of questions
Incomplete Sentences 40
Text Completion 12
Reading Comprehension 28 + 20

The TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test

Created later on, this second section in the TOEIC exam structure will test your ability to produce information.The TOEIC Speaking & Writing test is an Internet-based exam. The speaking part aims to evaluate your pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and fluency. This part only lasts for 20 minutes, and you simply record your answer. You will be evaluated on the content of your answer, your grammar, your vocabulary and your pronunciation.

The writing part will evaluate your use of grammar, organization and overall coherence. The best possible score for this test is 400 points.


Number of Questions
Read a text 2
Describe a picture 1
Respond to questions 3
Respond to questions with information 3
Propose a solution 1
Express an opinion 1



Task                                                       Number of Questions
Write a sentence 5
Respond to a written request 2
Write an opinion essay 1


In the next articles of our blog, we will give you useful tips and tricks to ace each of these parts.


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