Why Travel?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? For me, traveling is of such importance that I see it as instinctual and necessary. Here are some of the advantages of traveling:


To learn languages

I won’t spend too much time on this, since if you follow our blog, you must already be aware of the importance of learning a language! To truly learn a language, nothing can beat the practice you get when you live abroad. The immersion experience is so powerful that it speeds up the learning process, taking you less time. Plus, it’s one of the most pleasurable ways to learn!

Before going anywhere, don’t forget to learn and review the basics so you can get by during your journey. Our apps specifically target those who want to travel or live abroad, and focus on getting you communicating as quickly as possible. I also suggest you download our free conversation guides available for French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. These guides contain the essential concepts to know before leaving. What’s more, learning a language also means you have the chance to take in a culture and a new way of thinking. And that, you can only understand by living amongst people. get from living amongst people. Learning a language and traveling are interconnected. That’s why I agreed to work with MosaLingua on a series calledTravel Stories.”

To expand your horizons and your mind


Traveling has changed the way in which I see the world. Of course, that’s normal, since each journey broadens your understanding of life, people and yourself. To travel is to experience other cultures intimately, up close. To travel is to realize that we all share the same fundamental values and goals in life. We all make up one larger whole whose various parts are interconnected. What better way to learn tolerance? Once you are back home, you surely have a new appreciation for foreigners. You’ll also undoubtedly be more grateful and less concerned with trivial concerns.

To develop more confidence in yourself

One of the best trips is the kind that you take by yourself. Living within another culture and environment truly helps you increase your self-confidence. If you are shy, the experience can make you that much stronger. Forget the coaches who charge insane prices for hourly sessions on how to help you combat your shyness. You just need a long trip alone to do that!  It pushes you towards others, so that, at a certain point, communication becomes natural. Who knows? You might just prove to be more extroverted than you thought!

To experience incredible moments

That’s what traveling is. Provided that you’re looking for it, of course. The choices of what to do and see are as vast as the lands that make up this planet. To travel independently is to experience intense sensations and moments in life. It’s also a way of discovering amazing sites, landscapes from other worlds, and mythical places. Embarking on a journey allows you to partake in activities that you normally would not be able to experience. Here’s an interesting diagram that illustrates other benefits you reap from traveling:

Start learning a new language today

why-travel-the-benefits-of-traveling-the-world-and-how-anyone-can-do-it-mosalinguaDid this article make you want to learn one or several languages?

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KAPLAN benefits of traveling

But Isn’t Travel Expensive?

Many people believe that it costs a lot of money to travel. If you try to approach someone like this about a big trip, their jaw may drop to the floor as they ask, “That’s impossible! I’d never have the money.” Is traveling expensive? It’s a major urban legend that has been around for a while!  This myth is especially reinforced by the tourism industry. That’s what’s in their best interest. Their goal is to sell travel tickets at the maximum price possible!

When I started traveling 15 years ago, I never imagined all of the ways I could save when traveling. On the road, there are many tricks and techniques you can use to minimize your expenses. That’s without mentioning that there are tons of aide programs that are out there! In fact, you can even get paid to travel! Plus, you can even work while you’re traveling! So many opportunities exist! Finally, you can also turn to alternative ways to travel: volunteering, working on organic farms, traveling on foot or by bike… The only thing that you lack to be able to travel is perhaps information on how to do it for cheap. If more people knew all the possibilities that exist, more people would surely travel.


Fabrice, the travel blogger
Fabrice, the travel blogger

I sort out and summarize alternative funding in my new practical guide “Travel on 20 euros a day!” (currently in French). Its goal is to enable you to travel more, for longer periods of time, and for less money! So what are you waiting for?

A note from Samuel: I have nothing to do with the sales from the guide, nor did I partake in the writing up of this interview. I just thought that it may interest Mosalingua readers. What do you all think of leaving in order to better your language skills? And what is holding you back from traveling? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and download our free guide with important vocabulary and expressions (for English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.) to know when traveling abroad.